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I just got back from Hongkong the foodie paradise, & miraculously after all the good food (full roasted goose, ichiran ramen, wantanmee, etc), not only I did not gain weight. I actually lost one kg after my trip.

Then I figured out, it was the amount of walk I did at Hongkong. I walk an average of 3.500 steps in Malaysia, & about 18,000 steps when I am at Hongkong. Oh, and I mean 18,000 steps of fast walk because Hongkies are always on a hurry. Cray cray, they are definitely one of the most walk-able community I’ve seen, & guess that’s why majority of them looks really fit.

& so, I made up my mind to get my butt of the seats & start to embrace walking lunch! If a simple 15-20minutes walk a day is actually helps to lose weight, why not?

Okay, to make sure I am serious about it, there’s two things definitely need…

#1 A pair of comfortable WALKING SHOE.
If you try walking with heels, you probably going to give up on the first day itself.

Slip on will be good too.

#2 A good quality UMBRELLA.

I kid you not, Malaysia’s afternoon temperatures reach an average high of 32°C now. I would probably get burned before I lost weight if I have no umbrella. Another reason why I needed an umbrella is so that I can beat the unpredictable KL weather & not give excuses such as: “oh, it’s raining, let’s drive.” Haha.

Having said that, it’s never easy to get a good umbrella.
You wouldn’t want to walk around with this, right? Haha.

Then, my pro-walking friends from hongkong introduced me to – what they called, the World’s Best Umbrellas – BLUNT UMBRELLAS!

Just like its name, BLUNT umbrellas have a patented design, a unique shape “blunt tips, not pointy”. & that’s exactly how they out-perform any other umbrella on the market.

Even better, they come in different models and colors from XS Metro which is collapsible to varying sizes of stick umbrellas, right through to a Golf Umbrella range. The capability of each umbrella is essentially the same – just depends what size suits you.

As for myself, I got a BLUNT XS Metro, it’s a compact umbrella that suits people on the go like me perfectly. To be honest, the moment I got my hands on this super sleek umbrella, I am sold! I used to hate carrying an umbrella around (even when I know it’s going to rain, I would rather walk under the rain), because I feel it’s so not cool and so aunty.

But guess, not anymore. Haha.

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Don’t look down on this tiny umbrella, it’s known as the strongest collapsible umbrella around. Not only it has been tested up to 55 mph or Force 9 winds, it also blocks out 99% of UV.

Now, that’s what I really needed – A strong umbrella, which is not a full sized stick umbrella, but small enough to fit into my bag.

What shocked me is that it actually comes with 2 years warranty, yes you didn’t read wrongly.

It’s something new to me too, I have never heard of umbrella warranty. Apparently, unlike the conventional umbrellas that don’t work or last – a BLUNT Umbrella is a high-tech re-designed to last as it’s durable to extreme weather and not contribute to landfill.

If you’re serious about walking, get a legit umbrella.
BLUNT Umbrellas will be a good choice.

I am confident that my lunch-walk will be successful because BLUNT basically allows me to function, no matter what the weather, shelter from the rain or protection from the sun.

If you are interested, check them out: IMG_8571

Cheers to a fitter tzia! Haha.


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