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So, I was very lucky to represent Laneige Malaysia to attend the LANEIGE GLOBAL BEAUTY CAMP held all the way in Seoul. I have always been a big fan of this brand, hence having the chance to be part of this is really a great honor. This beauty camp themed, “Find Your Sparkling Beauty“; Laneige wishes women around the world to shine in their own beauty & live with confidence, this is the SPARKLING BEAUTY that Laneige pursues. With that, Laneige has arranged a line of activities for us girls to discover the sparkles in us.



Kicked start with a intimate-get-to-know-each-other session with fellow KOLs from the other countries.
I do follow some social media stars from overseas, but knowing them personally is a different thing.
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meet these beautiful ladies from taiwan, china & korea.Processed with Snapseed.

Dressed up by ROOM8008 in this baby blue sequin lace playsuit!

This details of this piece is gorgeous.
Wait till you see its’ sassy & elegant back, I am sure you’ll be in love.Processed with Snapseed.

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Lights out & turn on these bubble bulbs, it’s time to dream.
Totally fascinated by these glimmering bubble lights.Processed with Snapseed.

More pretty colored lights.Processed with Snapseed.

Table situation. //Processed with Snapseed.

The main of the night was supposed to be beef sirloin, but Laneige team was thoughtful enough to switch it to sea-bass for me simply because I do not fancy beef. (:Processed with Snapseed.

Highlight of the night: SONG HYE KYO!

I was star-struck. Literally too busy looking at her, I can’t even take my eyes off (no, I am not exaggerating); Hence, I only have one photo in my camera. Haha, she’s beautiful, flawless & perfect at all angles. I am in loved.

Unfortunately, she’s only out for 5mins. T.TProcessed with Snapseed.

Mentoring class, to discover our unique charms.

We have dream preacher, Kim Suyoung to mentor us.
She’s everything I wish to be, a DREAMER, a world-TRAVELLER, a STORYTELLER and a LIFE-LOVER.

“Be the owner, of your life & your mind.”Processed with Snapseed.

Then, we’re lucky enough have Korean’s Top Stylist, Hye-Yeon Han to talk to us about S T Y L E.
(hint: she also styles Song Hye Kyo ^^)

“You are most charming and beautiful when your uniqueness shines.”Processed with Snapseed.

The #laneigemy ladies.Processed with Snapseed.

Little surprise from Laneige – the yet to be launched, Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask.

Want a V-shaped jawline like Song Hye Kyo?
Often stressed up & experiencing insomnia?
Troubled by saggy and dull skin?

This all new Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask is something you cannot miss!

“Sleep-Tight™ – The technology fills sagging skin with elasticity factors with the combination of shape-memory polymer and natural high molecules and firms up for long hours filled-up skin whose elasticity may become poor due to lack of sleep.”

Which means you will be waking up with firmer & glowing skin complexion!Processed with Snapseed.



Laneige Road Shop @ Myeongdong!
Roadshop means, boutique shop.

Visited the roadshop because their flagship store is under renovation.

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IMO Must-buy Items at the Laneige Road Shop:

#1 WaterBank Gel Cream – Laneige Best Moisture Cream (₩37,000)
This star product needs no introduction, it is a synonym of Laneige. (:

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#2 Laneige 2016 Travel kit – travel with vibrant skin (₩20,000)
These colorful babies in sensible zipper back-type packaging is definitely a must have travel kit! It consist of cleanser, toner, emulsion & moisturizer. You can choose from:  PICK ME / BRING ME / TAKE ME / CATCH ME.

I fav. is BRING ME, it keeps my skin moisturized the whole trip. :D

#3 Laneige Water Science Mist *new* – (₩18,000)
These colorful bottles refresh tired skin on the go!  & my fav. have to be the Sparkling Water (Brightening)_ Sparkling Water™. Not only it moisturized, it makes your skin looks clearer & brighter instantly.

#4 Laneige Sleeping Ball *new*- (₩2,000)
I was sold the moment I tried out the Foot Sleeping Ball that really does smooth-ens & moisturizes the dead skin on my feet! It feels so good to wake up with smooth feet after walking around with heels the the entire day before.

#5 Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+ – (₩37,000)
This is my first BB Cushion, and I will probably stick to this the rest of my life.

#6 Two Tone Lip Bar – the legendary two tone gradation lipstick (₩25,000)
The secret to the Korean’s beautiful ombre lips. I got one for myself!


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Next up, color consulting session to find your perfect color!

We had a intimate consulting session with the color professional.
“Find your best color & look that will double your attractiveness.”

How do we usually choose color for our-self?
– whether we LIKE the color?, or
– whether the color is IN TREND?
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The right color tone will makes you looks brighter instantly, while the wrong color tone will make your skin looks very dull. Yes, I mean color tone, not color.  Almost everyone will look good in RED, but provided the it’s correct tone of red. There’s warm red, & cool red.

The colorist suggested that I suit warm autumn tone better.
&, I was told that I will look better in brown hair & brown contact lens instead of my current black, oh oh!

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Followed with Learn K Beauty, Know-Hows Make Up session.

Time to unveil the K-Beauty make up secret! Laneige make up artist hosted a warm tone vs cool tone make up show, to teach us make up techniques and looks for different skin tone.

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& here’s some make up tips I’ve learned from the session:

– First, lightly dab in the middle to cover the pores
– Then, swipe through smoothly at the sides of the face;
to create a no-make up make up look! You will look naturally flawless when apply the correct color tone of foundation with the right method.

– Applying it on the cheekbone/smile line is the old style to apply blusher
– Instead, you should apply at where the end of the eyes and end of the nose meet
p.s. – to create the dewy effect, use cushion on blusher. You look as if you’re blushing instead of putting on blusher.

Lip make up
– 3 products & 3 steps to create the look:
1. Moisture lips – natural color to protect your lips // to brighten the lip lines, to give a natural pretty color
2. Lip tint – to maintain the inner lips color
3. Dual tone lip bar to create the beautiful Korean ombre lips color.

Then says “opah”, & you’re done! :D


Lastly comes my favorite session of the entire trip – Style Consulting with top stylist Han Hye Yeon! She will make you shine by finding the style that fits you best through a 1-1 consulting. So lucky!

Processed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed.

Warm tone midi dress!

Han Hye Yeon is amazing, this dress can looks so normal but it surprised me at the moment I tried it on, it compliments my curve & skin tone so well!

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On the night itself, Laneige arranged a cruise on the beautiful Han river for us!
Dressed up in full white (by room 8008) for the romantic night trip!
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Hangang river cruise, the best ways to enjoy the Hangang (River) that flows through the heart of Seoul.Processed with Snapseed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise along the river overlooking the breathtaking panoramic views of the Seoul’s skyline with my girls.Processed with Snapseed.

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Jorise & I were categorized as the sparkling girlish team, hence we are the first batch to get our sparkling makeover done at 9am. I requested for a high pony with some waves & curls to go with my girlish look. The hairstylist did it so well, it’s so simple yet flattering. I felt that it was my best hair day thus far.

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the hairstylist, annyeong! :DProcessed with Snapseed.

My adorable make up artist.

She’s soooooooo talented, my make up was perfect. No, I am not even exaggerating. My skin looks naturally flawless & dewy (with the no-make up makeup effect), & all she did was choosing the right color tone of Laneige BB Cushion to fit my skin color.

I am extremely impressed by how she makes me look so good by just using the subtle blusher & light eye-shadow. OH, okay, my eyebrow is on point too! This girl definitely has a pair of magic hands.

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A few vain shots of me in ROOM 8008’s Bareback Audrey’s dress.

Believe me when I say this is truly a figure-skimming dress. This soft floral dress featured a bareback flaring out from the tiny waist. It’s not that my waist is super small, it’s just that the cutting for this piece is superb! It basically hides all my imperfections (e.g. tummy). Haha.Processed with Snapseed.

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Met this Seoul’s sweetheart during our shoot.
She is so friendly, & her smile melts heart.

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After a quick lunch, we continue our day with TWO TONE CANDLE CLASS.
I am a little excited because I love candles, & it’s my first time making candle from scratch.Processed with Snapseed.

The end product, mine was inspired by Laneige Maxi Red two tone lip bar. (:
& we are allowed to bring our own candles home, cant wait to light it up!Processed with Snapseed.

Lastly, it’s time to say GOODBYE! Laneige organized an after party for us at D’Bridge (known as the most happening club/bar in seoul, frequent by celebrities).  The place was beautifully decorated, we were all amazed by the detailed & gorgeous set up the moment we stepped in.

Thank you, Laneige, for all the effort! (‘:

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#OOTN, dressed up in the color tone that suits me best. :D

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Song Jae Rim!!!!!!!

all the girls went crazy when he came out, but… I have to admit I didn’t know him before this. (because I’m not a Kpop fans -.-) However, I guess it’s not hard to understand why the girls loves him though. Well, his smile kills!

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Ladies & gentleman, it’s LEE SUNG KYUNG (right beside me, welcome to be jealous haha).
I am in love, enough said.

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That’s all for the after party, which also means the 3D2N Laneige Global camp has unfortunately came to an end. It was no doubt a fun-packed beauty camp, where I have learned so much more about the brand & the korean’s beauty & style. Thank you, LaneigeMY for having me, I am indeed very honored to be part of this!

Cheers to Laneige, & more beauty camps to come!Processed with Snapseed.

xx sweet surprise from the Laneige team.
customized two tone lipbar with my color tone, & name embossed on it.

Processed with Snapseed.

Till then, Seoul x Laneige. ❤


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