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How about save money & watch movie?

Year end is always a mixed feeling. :/

I am excited, because its holiday season, its year-end sales time! Woohoo!
But… it’s also time to be hurting & feel the pinch.

In addition, it’s the time to service my car again!

My car needs to go for service & oil change as it’s due. This has to be done to prepare for the road trips during the upcoming long holidays in December.

So many stuffs to prepare, so little time! I definitely appreciate any help I can get here.

However, thank God for SHEW though, my wallet is safe!

SHEW covers all the costs of repair/replacement of 15 engine components that may fail if the Shell Helix products fail to provide proper lubrication, from the date you enrol up until 12 years or 200,000 km from year of manufacture.

Okay, what’s SHEW?

It is the first engine warranty programme introduced by Shell, which is now in Malaysia and it is available for FREE with every purchase of a 4L pack of Shell Helix Ultra or HX 7.

As long as your car is registered to operate within Malaysia with less than 100,000 km and are less than 8 years old, you are eligible to sign up for SHEW. They are open for registration at participating Shell Helix workshops, and Shell Petrol stations nationwide. See how they are out here to help and give us a peace of mind?

Even IF you plan to sell your car, SHEW will be a good idea as well.
Because, SHEW is transferable and could be a selling point in ensuring a higher resale value!
Also, if you are thinking of watching the latest movie, sign up or renew your S.H.E.W warranty at an authorized S.H.E.W workshop or Shell Petrol station nationwide NOW (between 1 Nov 2016 – 31 Jan 2017)! For that you will get a pair of FREE movie tickets! For more information on this promotion, visit!

Also check out below video if you want:

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