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Few months back, I went to this beautiful island – PULAU RAWA; shared it on my social media, and many were asking me about it. Where is it, how to go, etc.

Recently, I found this site – FLYKLIA.COM, which happened to be a perfect tool for me to plan and discover the hidden gems in and outside Malaysia. Yes, there’s even an article on Rawa Island too. Short & sweet posting on how to get there & who to contact!

Rawa Island, IMO, is a gem.

And, you’ll be surprised that there’s more of such places featured in the site.
They got me planning!

Simply click on “Places To Go” and be spoiled with the choice of places featured. You will be amazed, and surprised that there’s so many places in Malaysia that’s yet to be discovered. What I really like about this site is that a lot of the travel content is user-generated information, which you might not get on other travel sites.

Hmm, since I will be going back to Johor during CNY, hiking to Gunung Ledang seems to be a good idea.

Then, I came across this article on Mount Bromo.

A few of my friends went this year, and all of them have been talking about how amazing the journey is. I was really tempted, and I guess I have just decided to hike up Mount Bromo next year after reading this article. I really like how this site makes everywhere seem so accessible.

Even better, they have a flight and accommodation search inside their site.
You will definitely get the cheapest flights and accommodations, as their search engine is powered by SkyScanner (always my preferred and most-trusted search engine). :D

Not just that, there’s also a lot of articles reviewing about places to stay.
You might get some inspiration from there.

For example, where’s the most value-for-money place to stay?
Or even, which hotel is the most Insta-worthy.

With all this, travel is made easier.
Now, we have more reason to travel! Haha.

Well, you take and give.

Since you can get useful tips and recommendations from the site, why not do the same and inspire others with your travels too? Plan your travels, share them and get connected with other travellers around the world on FLYKLIA.COM.

I am on this, and will be sharing my travel tips on the site!
Join me and be part of this community. :D

For more info, visit FLYKLIA.COM.


  • i hve survey Pulau Rawa for next vacation. the package so expensive.. huwaa….

  • @MAYZURA – I remember the last time I went was about RM800 for 3D2N, inclusive of boat transfer, water sports, 3 meals/day & accomodation. It’s very worth it though. Hope this helps.

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