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Happy Chinese New Year, lovelies.

As I grew up, Chinese New year is more than just collecting angpaus, there’s pretty much to do & prepare for this joyous festival that’s all about STARTING AFRESH & GOOD VIBES! Well, if you’re still clueless on what to do, here’s my very own CNY checklist as a typical Malaysian Chinese for your reference:

– Spring Cleaning

I don’t know about you, but CNY is always my motivation to clean up my house (my room, at least).

Spring cleaning, to us Chinese, traditionally means to sweep away bad luck! Also, since young, mom instilled the mind-set of how it is important for us to clean our home properly before we invite guest to over to celebrate together.

My room is now CNY ready! :D

– Money for Angbao

Not married yet, but I practice giving angpau to my parents ever since I started working. For me, besides my belief that it would bring good luck and prosperity to them, it’s also an act of gratitude.

Hence, I need to go to the bank for the clean crisp notes!

– New clothes

Cliché as it is, it’s important as it symbolize a fresh new start! Make sure you have lots of red clothing which believes to bring good luck! Besides the traditional red colours, you should perhaps get some gold cheongsum too, as it is also the auspicious colours of the Chinese New Year.

– CNY Dinner timetable.

For me, CNY is a time for where families & friends put away all the excuses, get together to celebrate this fabulous festival. Hence, to avoid to double booking myself or missing out any gathering. I planned all the CNY dinner plans ahead, to make sure I get to spend quality time with all of my family & friends.

– CNY decorations!

Just like Christmas tree during Christmas, I love how the CNY decorations never fail to capture the magic and energy of this joyous season!

Found this paper peonies on Pinterest, it’s so pretty. Immediately, I am inspired to make one for my living room!

– Workout schedule.

I will be loading myself with lots of pineapple tart (82 calories/piece).

To avoid this (below image), I have planned my workout schedule properly. I am going to hit the gym min 3 times per week, target to burn 500 calories each time.

– Car’s safety & maintenance check up

Heading back to Yongpeng this CNY, hence car service is important before hitting the road!

I choose to service my car at a trusted Shell Helix Engine Warranty authorized workshop. Because with S.H.E.W. (the world’s first engine warranty programme introduced by Shell, which is now available in Malaysia.), I now enjoy a worry-free car ownership experience at a time when costs of living are rising. S.H.E.W. covers the costs of repair/replacement of 15 engine components that may fail if the Shell Helix products fail to provide proper lubrication from the date you enrol up until 12 years or 200,000 km from year of manufacture.

If you’re not on S.H.E.W. yet, get it now, as it’s FREE with every purchase of a 4L pack of Shell Helix Ultra or HX7. It is open for registration at participating Shell Helix workshops, Lubebays and Shell Petrol stations nationwide.

For more info, do visit

Last but not least, SHELL HELIX would love to wish all of you a prosperous Chinese New Year!
I hope you’re well prepared for this joyous CNY!



  • Wow you got a pretty home, pretty smile, pretty family and awesome blog , you have shared a lot of great information in your blog, keep it up girl !! :)

  • Your house is so pretty and i like your room.

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