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In loving memory of my beautiful G R A N D M A ❤

My beloved grandma, passed away last week.

I still couldn’t brain (or probably couldn’t accept) the fact that I am not able to see and hug this beautiful soul anymore.  She had such a contagious smile, that radiated happiness to every souls around her. The lovey smile of hers kept flashing through my mind even until today.

My grandma was a beautiful woman of strength, & love;

She was a beautiful mother, grandma. She’s a superwoman who raised 14 amazing children. That kind of strength & courage, is unexplainable & unimaginable. It was all because of her; Today, I am blessed with the world’s best mother.

She has loved each and every one of us, wholeheartedly. She demonstrated that true meaning of selfless & unconditional love, that now shines through my mother every single day.

My mother is exactly how my grandma was, & I inspired to grow old & be like her. ❤

My grandma was the reason I look forward to Chinese New Year;

It’s true that there’s no place like home except grandma’s. Yongpeng has always seems to be my hometown. I have always been so excited to go back “home”, and it truly sucks when it’s time to leave. Yes, she has always been my favourite hello, & hardest goodbye!

Attended a few wedding luncheon at grandma’s in Yongpeng, and I used to wonder why. Then I realised it was so that my grandma could attend. Her presence was definitely the greatest blessings to all the newly weds. I then told myself, “next time when I am getting married, I would want 外婆 to witness it and to have her blessing”.

Not anymore, I couldn’t have her witness it anymore, because heaven is a little too far away.
But, she will definitely send her blessing from heaven, I believe. ❤

Well, she’s peacefully freed now.

As much as I miss her, I am at peace with her transition. I am sure God saw her getting tired, hence He decided to free her from all the sufferings. God only takes the best, and I know God will lead her through.

I know, she will always be my beloved grandma, & will live with me till eternity. ❤

Grandma, you may you rest in peace which you truly deserve.
You will always be in our mind and heart, till we meet again. (‘:


  • I’m sorry for your loss. I have had the same painful experience when I lost both my grandma. Like you, I wished my grandma would be able to attend my wedding, it was only 5 months away then but Heaven was a better place for her. Stay strong during this difficult time.

  • Hello veron! thank you for leaving such encouraging notes!
    Take care too, hugs!

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