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Fitter #2017, with #FitBit

“Use this The Fitbit Flex 2™, you’ll love this swim-proof fitness wristband.” they said.
I was doubtful, hence I begin to google about it.


“Every moment matters and every bit makes a big impact. Because fitness is the sum of your life.
That’s the idea Fitbit was built on—that -fitness is not just about gym time. It’s all the time. How you spend your day determines when you reach your goals. And seeing your progress helps you see what’s possible. Seek it, crave it, live it”

I couldn’t agree more that fitness is more than gym, it should be a lifestyle.
Then, I am sold.

Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep

—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.

Well, if you’re serious about getting fit this #2017.
You will definitely need a Fitbit.

Here’s how Fitbit helps me in my fitness goal:

#1 It “MOVES” me.

Fitbit acts like a motivator in my fitness journey.

Instead of going up to the 7th floor by lift, I find myself taking extra effort to walk up the stairs so I can meet my goals. Also, at times I purposely park my car a little further in the mall do that I could walk more. Since I got my Flex 2, I started to walk more (& burn more calories).

I also use my FitBit to track my exercise, especially when I am on my “1000 calories deficit diet”, I literally need to burn to eat (otherwise I will be left with 300 calories a day, which is equivalent to only 1 roti kosong =.=). Fitbit by default can track walking, running and hiking. But, it also has an option to log exercises. If I do an hour on high intensity Body Combat, the app will tell me I’ve burn about 450-500 calories. That allowed me to have Nando’s for dinner, at the same time reaching my goal of 1000 calories deficit.

It surely makes me MOVE more, and be more discipline with my workout routine. (:

If you didn’t know, an hour of personal training will help you burn an average of 300 calories. (:
I praised the device’s ability to more accurately track my weightlifting sessions.

#2 It forces me to eat healthier

With Fitbit, I don’t only know how many calories I’ve burned; I also get to know how many calories I am ingesting.
It’s easier for me to keep track on my diet, which made my weight-loss journey a lot easier.

When I am about to order banana fritters during tea-time, which is about 120 calories/piece;
I learned to opt for a cup of black coffee (which is 0 calories instead);

And, instead of a piece of 400 calories roti telur, I chose to order the tandoori chicken (breast) which is about 150 calories.

I’ve also learned that clean & healthy eating doesn’t always means less calories.
Every bite of the food you ingest count!

Fitbit has definitely helped me to be wiser on my food selection.

#3 It encourages quality sleeps

With Fitbit, I am able to track my sleeping hours and sleeps quality.

I needed at least 5 hours of quality sleep a day, it helps me to identify my sleeping pattern. It actually shows that I’ve better sleep after workout (&, some wine. haha); hence I know what I need to do in order to have better, uninterrupted sleep.

#4 It motivates me to swim

Oh yes, Flex 2 is swim-proof for swimmers;
and shower-proof for everyone else.

It is waterproof up to 50 meters, so it’ll track your distance swam, and calories burned there too.
All this is done automatically — as long as the Flex 2 is on you, it’s tracking.

It can even tracks different style of swim, and of course, Butterfly burns the most.
It’s the hardest stroke, but now I am motivated to work on it!

So, I have been wearing #Fitbit for several months now, & totally smitten by it.
Now. It’s your chance to win a Fitbit for yourself!


1. Leave a comment below and tell me ONE reason why you need a Fitbit.
2. Remember to leave your FULL NAME and EMAIL in the comment section too.

3. Once you are done, head over to my IG photo (featuring Fitbit) and comment “DONE”

That’s about it. Join the contest now and i’ll be selecting ONE winner on 12th of May 2017. I will also announce the winner on the comment down below. Stay tune. 

All the best.
Cheers! ❤


  • I want to get this Fitbit because how you describe it really makes me fell for it! 😍 I do love sports too so I really hope I can win it!

    Wong Li Jen
    IG: @liijennnn

  • Hi Tzia,

    I need the #fitbit so that I can track my daily health, calorie and fitness which I am targeting in 2017. I’m hoping my gym goals will succeed in 3 mths time and I really need a tracker to help me stay motivate and on track.

    Name: Louis Ling Ruey Shyan
    IG: miikiko0panda

  • I just want to be success like you do. Cheer.

    Lee Guo Wen

  • Hi Tzia, I do need a Fitbit to keep track on fitness lifestyle. I get to know how much calories I burned, how many km I walked and monitor my sleeping schedule. Besides, I can wear it to swim too!!!! One stone kill two birds !!!

    Name: Wendy Low Xin Yee

  • Well, I’m a gym goer, health conscious, basically tracked everything. But I was off routine now due to my Jawbones but they died on me (ceritified RIP). I owned few of them, but not lasted.

    It has been a while that I have off tracked and I am doing more researches on the fitness tracker, currently eyeing on this – #fitbitflex2.

    In connection with this giveaway, hope that I can bring home this Fitbit, resume all my fitness journey tracking, and we can check our calorie burn after body combat session or gymminh session !

    Nape : Chloe Y

  • I need a Fitbit to remind and motivate myself to do workout, swimming and have a healthy lifestyle.

  • Hi goddess,

    I need this Fitbit because :

    I want to set up my health and fitness goals.
    I want to log what I eat as I’m lazy to count calories as I’m a typical food hunter
    Of course the water log function. This can motivate me to drink more water and keep my skin good
    And of course if it’s colour and design. Wear it as jewellery looks so cool 😍

    Name : Sinyee
    Email :

  • I want to track my calories burned and get my dreambody.

    Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud. Be proud of every step you made. -Tziaaaa

  • I’ve just start a Gym journey. My motivation and planning are not strong enough. I need a Fitbit to track my lifestyle, control the calories on food and track the fat burns through workout. The best thing of Fitbit is able for me to wear it for swim.I love swim but I have no idea how much the calories burnt. To achieve my fitness goal in a short period, I need a Fitbit ❤️ Hopefully I can be the lucky one . And Thanks Tziaaa for the chance given on this .

    Ivy Hii

  • I am a first time daddy and my Keeps me moving constantly, my sleep patterns have gone wonky and it would be a plus to see how much calories I am burning while looking after my kid.

  • I want this fitbit to be able to motivate me throughout my 2017 workout goals and to achieve a healthier and happy me.

    The waterproof feature of fitbit flex 2 is a double benefit for when I swim as usually it is hard to record calories burned during swim sessions.

    Not only that, fitbit flex 2 is a chic looking accessory that can go well with everyday outfits making it very versatile.

  • I need this Fitbit as I doesn’t like to MOVE! But i know i need to MOVE to burn calories and slim down so i could be a pretty bride by end of this year! I have been trying hard to lose down maybe i did not do it right. Hence with this Fitbit, it is able to track my daily activities so that i can count on my calories intake and counting on the calories i need to burnt. If i could meet my daily goal, i will be motivated to MOVE and workout more. Hence, i need this fitbit tracker pretty much to monitor me and motivate me!

    Name: Tu Pui Yee
    Instagram: puiyeeeee2208

  • Hi Tzia,

    I rarely express these thoughts, but here goes – I realised this year how difficult it is to maintain weight by merely doing cardio. This became more apparent when I grew older: the metabolism doesn’t favour us and I couldn’t wear some of my older clothes :(

    So right after chinese new year, instead of merely being miserable, I started doing HIIT on a weekly basis and watching my food. The problem with HIIT is you can’t keep track of the calories you burned. I sincerely hope I can get the Fitbix so I can track my calories and my own fitness journey: whether I swim, do weights, run or just go the extra mile by walking more. Fingers crossed, I can look back on this year feeling prouder of myself.

    Name: Joanne Tay

  • I need this Fitbit because im the type of person that constantly needs a reminder to keep me moving. I believe this FitBit will help me move towards my health and fitness goal by tracking my activities, exercises, food log, thus encouraging me to engage eating the right food, of course not forgetting to get sufficient sleep!

    Name : Alicia Lim
    Email :

  • Hi tzia,

    I need a Fitbit because I used to be really skinny in the past, and I went to bulk up a lot until I’m a little overweight than what I was expected, with tummy everything lol. I didn’t really keep track of my calories and the workouts I’ve done.

    Besides, I just started working so I really want a Fitbit to help keep track of the food I’ve consumed everyday and for the exercises too. 🙂


    Name: Koi Hann Yung
    IG: hannyungg

  • Dear Tzia, I want to get a Fitbit as Mother’s Day Gift to my precious Mum. My Mum is 49 years old and is always my jogging partner when I am in my hometown. However, I am studying outstation now. Hence, she lost her only jogging partner and motivation as well. I hope that Fitbit can help me to motivate her up! Fitbit can make her sports life more interesting and fun even though I am not by her side as it can help her to track her pace, calories burnt, heart rate and even distance that she has walked. I have a Mi band. Hence, we can always observe the steps that we walked, calories burnt and compete with each other to see who can achieve the goal that we set! 🙆 I believe that it can be our another tremendous bonding between us👭 What I hope is that my Mum can always stay healthy and fit! Perfect body shape doesn’t only belong to girls only but all ladies 👩 What I want is all for my precious gorgeous Mum 👸🏻

  • Hi Tziaa,

    I think you would agree with me that Fitbit gives the user more reliable measurement, of how much more effort he / she needs to push himself / herself to achieve his / her desired goals.

    Say for example, RPM indoor cycling, a person is determined to boost up calories burnt to 1000 per session. Hence the person needs to set the bike resistance to higher than he usually do. With Fitbit, he will know precisely what are the minimum resistances to set and how much more to push himself, to achieve the goals.

    Another example, BodyCombat. Questions like “Exactly how much more calories I can burn if I bite the bullets to complete the continuous Muay Thai Running Man Level 4 that I normally can’t finish?” will be well answered.

    I need a Fitbit to have more precise measurement to tell me how much more effort I need to push myself in my exercises, where “agak agak” is vague.

    Gilbert Gan
    IG: gilbertgansy

  • I’m taking every step I need to take in order to get healthy for my upcoming wedding – and the marriage that follows. :) Not to just get in shape for a one day celebration, but for life.
    I’d love the guidance and accountability of a Fitbit.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I need a fitbit. I can use it to calculate the distance i run and travel. I love to join 21km marathon sometime 42km. It can encourage me to breakthrough and improve in every single run and i can know well my performance because it record every single move i take. Every week 2 times visit to the gym room, it help me to do my cardio exercise well
    Other than that,
    to use a watch or fitness wristband to describe the LIFE I want, that must be fitbit. Sporty and Steady 🤘

    IG: junhao72

  • Fitbit is going to help monitoring my daily activities, from many aspects. It started with sitting, walking, heartrate, exercise, etc. As a regular person who does sports a lot, this device will track and keep me posted accurately on my calories burn. It’s my goal to be leaner this year and going forward, and Fitbit will be my No1 coach and assistance.

  • Hi Tziaa! I need it to help keep track of my regular cardio sessions and make sure I’m consistent with my workouts!

    Lim Sue Yee

  • I wish to be the lucky winner ! I need fitbit because i am the one who needs fitbit tracking my moves everyday. Meanwhile i lack of sleep time,i wish fitbit to Track my sleeping time and have a better quality to sleep as well.

    I also love to swim, i know that fitbit is waterproof so that i can wear it when i am swimming.

    Name : low wan chuin
    Email :

  • I need a fitbit because my daily routine is very tziaaa-lat.
    Everyday, I’ll find time for a swim or to the gym, with the ultimate goal to stay lean.
    To also stay fit, I’ll just do it, even if it means to scale the tallest bukit; but how nice if only I have a fitbit, to track my heartbeat, the steps that I need, and jaga my sleep.


  • I’ve been eyeing for the Fitbit for quite some time as I need a fitness watch to track my calories and Fitbit is the first choice cause I have heard really good reviews about it but is quite hesitant to get it cause of the price as I’m still a student. Hopefully I’ll be able to win this so I can track my calories better. Thank you!

    Name: Jessica Wee

  • Your insta story of ur gym and lifestyle are so inspiring and because of you I head to the gym more often than before! I’ve reli been so motivated to slim down and get fit! I believe Fitbit is a daily essential for us to keep track on our health. So yea, Fitbit needs me and I need Fitbit 😄

    Michelle chee chia yi

  • Hi Tzia,

    Fat and Fit.
    It only takes a letter to differentiate them.
    I have been fat my whole life.
    I was always the ‘big’ girl in school.
    Constant teasing and name calling are a norm in my daily life.
    Even in my adulthood I could not shake away the word fat from myself.
    But with Fitbit , I am confident it can help me shed away the “A” in FAT and replace it with an “I” for FIT!
    Just like a fitness bug it can BIT you and put the FIT back into everyone!

    Name: Wang Chee Wei (Sherlene)

  • Fitbit is LYFE!

  • Hello Tziaaaa,

    Fitibit is important to me and I wish I will be the lucky winner!

    The reasons I need a Fitbit is as below:

    1) It’s addictive and encouraging for the benefits of health
    – I work as an Auditor and therefore working long hours is somewhat a daily routine to me. With Fitbit, I am able to set my daily target (for e.g. 10,000 steps) and force myself so that if I get home at the end of the day and I’ve only done 9,000 steps, I’ll run around the house a few times top it up to meet my daily target and also for the benefits of health. Work Life Balance.

    2) A Good Night’s sleep
    – Auditor never has enough time to sleep at most of the time especially peak period due to stress, insomnia and heavy workload. With Fitbit, its enable me to keep track how well I’m sleeping, sleeping pattern and no. of hour of sleep on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    3) Alarm
    – Due to lack of sleep, the vibrating alarm function of fitbits is one of the most important function to me as its able to wake me up more peaceful from short naps, night’s sleep or as a reminder to me as well for rushing report, appointment, lunch hour or gym time.

    4) Fashionable\ Customizable
    -It able to change a wide range of stylish colors and designs of strap to match our mood or suit our daily activity or occasion.

    Thanks and regards,


    Name: Woon Wee Lin


    IG: woonweelin

  • For the past few years, I have not been able to commit to any fitness routine for the most silly reason – I find it intimidating to work out and go to the gym alone. This year, I’ve told myself that I need to step out that mindset and have started taking my fitness journey seriously 2 months ago. I even signed up for personal training sessions as I needed someone to correct my form and also as a form of commitment to myself (since $$ is involved!).

    Coincidentally, a month after that, my company organised a fitness step-it-up challenge which consists variety of fitness challenges across 3 months. One of the challenges is to track our daily steps! Since then, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a step tracker to track my daily steps as it is inconvenient to rely on the phone. A Fitbit will come in handy in tracking my daily steps for my this fitness challenge, track the calories I burn from my gruelling PT workout (I’m sure you can relate! :p ). Therefore, the ONE and MAIN reason I need Fitbit as it would serve as a good reminder and motivator on why I wanted a Fitbit and how lucky I am to be picked among all who has replied!

    Name: Lee Wei Ling
    Email :

  • Ello dear 😉 I would like to win one for my dad due he always claimed that he had not enough sleep, tired and dizzy even though he had slept for more than 8 hours . Besides, he always not taking care on his food intake. So I hope with Fitbit able to help him to eat healthier and trace the reason why he always easily get tired.

    Name: Pinky Ng
    Email :

  • Hello everyone! I’ve chosen the winner (after hours), and emailed the winner personally (you know who you are :p ). Thank you all of you for participating, thank you so much! I love all of your comments. Unfortunately I only have 1x Fitbit to giveaway. I wish I had more. But… I promise to do more giveaway! Stay tune, lovelies.

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