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I will be sharing with you how I speed up my morning routine, in order to stay up a little later, & sleep in a little longer. Night owl like me, have been trying different hacks just to sleep in a little longer, and still be on time for my work/gym/meeting.

After months of trying, here’s a few tips that I find really useful.

#1 Easy to style hair

Like it or not, hair is always the major time eater! However, having that said, you CANNOT AFFORD to go out with messy hair because that will literally ruin your entire day. At least for me, my mood pretty much depends on how good my hair looks.

Hence, I get my hairstylist to get me an easy to manage hairstyle. It means, I can look decent by simply blow drying to achieve some volume for my hair (without curling or so). My current hairstyle is layered in a way to be easily style on daily basis.

Oh, another thing is, I CONDITION my hair every time I wash it. I color (& bleach) my hair pretty often; in order to have a good looking hair by simply blow drying it, I need to first have a healthy & smooth hair. I find Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle Conditioner to be extremely useful in this. I have been using it for months now, it works magically to keep my damaged hair noticeably soft & beautiful after every wash. 3mins a day is definitely worth it, it prevented me from fooling in front of the mirror for too long, trying to sort out how to tame my frizzy hair! Mega love for this!

You can get yourself one from Watsons store!

More information about the product, click here >>

#2 Ready made lashes

Make up is another nightmare for us ladies during our morning routine. But not anymore, after I had my lash-extensions done! It’s so convenient because it saves up my time for applying mascara or sticking on false lashes.

And, with these thick, dark, and full eyelashes, I don’t even need to apply eyeliner on normal days! It automatically makes me look more awake & brighter, even when I have no make up on. Perfect for days when you missed your alarm & wake up late.

#3 Embroidered eye-brow

Another amazing beauty innovation that I am very grateful off. You will never be fully dressed without your eyebrow. & on days when I am rushing, I often get an imbalance eyebrow which looks really awful. Great eyebrows, never happen by chance, it takes a lot of effort & time!

BUT… now with embroidered eye-brow, I wake up with beautiful even brows on my face. Yes, I B R O W like a boss!

HAHA. Honestly, I earned at least 15mins of extra bed time just with these embroidered eye-brow & eyelash extension.

#4 Prepped your outfit before you sleep

Do whatever you can the night before. Not everything can be done before bed, but there are probably a few things you can do it before bed time! I chose to complete one of the most time consuming task before I sleep each night – it means planning out my outfit for the next day.

I used to spend up to 30mins just to get changed because I cannot decide on what to wear; I hate rushing my outfit decisions & head out with the weirdest outfit combinations ever full of regrets. Hence, I committed to lay out my what-to-wear every night before I sleep.

This really helps, a-lot!

#5 Ready-to-go breakfast

I love breakfast, also because it’s an important part of my diet. It increases metabolism, & decreases the chance of fat storage. How can I afford to miss this important meal?

But, it means I need to eat the right food too.

For me, the perfect breakfast has to be the ready-to-go overnight oats! It is quick & healthy (you’ll feel fuller at the same time burn more fats). Another plus point is that, I can actually prep this the night before (which only takes me a few mins), yet promised me something delicious to look forward to the next morning!

(image from women’s health)

I have been practicing these 5 tips for months now, I feel a little less guilty to sleep In and wake up later as I still get to leave home on time feeling good & refresh!

I hope these tips can help to shave valuable minutes off your morning routine, and let you sleep in a little longer.


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