Hello Lovelies. 

My name is Tzia. Well, ignore the T, my name is pronounced as zia, or the Mandarin phonetics equivalent, Jia. I got to thanks my parents for such a unique name. I have never encounter problems like, “USERNAME TAKEN”.

I am in my early twenties, graduated from my bachelor degree in Public Relations, now working in the digital marketing field. I do client servicing, as a media owner. At the same time, I am a Bloggerati signed under Nuffnang doing ads for various clients. It’s pretty interesting as it gave me the best understanding on client’s needs and wants.

What caused me to start blogging? Peers’ influence, I would say. I first blog for the sake of it being fun since everyone is blogging; yet slowly, I got addicted. I enjoy expressing myself with words, and sharing my thoughts & inspirations. I guess here it is where I found my passion of story telling.

I mainly writes about food, fashion, beauty & love. Blog is like a diary for me, documenting all my life events. My blog is literally like a time machine to relive all the old memories throughout the years.

Well, here’s 7 fun facts about me:

#1 I love FOOD, I love varieties of food! But, I am not a big eater.

#2 I still believe in Fairytale, & happy ever after; Watched Cinderella, & teared like a little girl when Cinderella finally get together with the prince charming. I am hopelessly romantic, & extremely dreamy.

#3 I am a typical Cancerian, strongly ruled by powerful emotions, intuitive, & imaginative. & have an #annoyingbff who is also a Cancerian with total opposite characteristic. Hah!

#4 I love my family. & always believe that they are the most precious gift from my Father in heaven. & also, a very loving boyfriend, who has been there for the the past 4 years, loving me unconditionally.

#5 I love to TRAVEL. “If travel is free, you will never see me again.” Enough said.

#6 I love Mickey.

#7 BLOGGING is my passion.


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  • Hi Tzia, just saw that you’re coming to JB for CNY. Would like to invite you over to our newly open gastrobar at Sutera area. Is it possible?

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