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Beauty Bar 24K Gold Face Perfection BEAURA

“Your face looks slimmer!”
“Your face looks more lifted & firmer!”

“Did you lose weight?”
My friends have been questioning me on what did I do to my face. Well, I have been using the Beauty Bar 24K Gold Face Perfection BEAURA for the past one month, day & night!
I have to say, I am very amazed with the result.


Decide to, L O V E.

I started dating SY on January, about the same time when I kick start my very own #HAPPINESS101.
I figured out that I will be spending a lot of time with him, hence happiness really matters!
That’s how I decided that I will kick start #HAPPINESS101 with — Decide to, LOVE;
Focusing on building a happy & positive relationship with SY.


3 tips For A Better Sleep Tonight With The Dreamland Mattress

A good night sleep:
– boost your mood;
– banish dark eye circle!;
– benefits your mind, health, & weight! (yes, studies show, “dieters who were well rested lost more fat—56% of their weight loss—than those who were sleep deprived, who lost more muscle mass. Dieters in the study also felt hungrier when they got less sleep.