my #annoyingbff said “YES”.

About a month ago, my #annoyingbff’s boyfriend – Lex (an inspirational barber) called me over when he’s cutting SY’s hair. While he was still cutting SY’s hair, he told me, “I have something to announce.. *drum roll* I, am going to, propose to Adele.

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So.. the big 2-5 is finally here!
I still refuse to accept that time is ticking & I am dreading the fact that I am growing older. I am a quarter century old now, but…. it seems just like yesterday I blew out the candles for my 21st birthday. Ugh.
To be very honest, I have lost the excitement and joy I had when I turned 21. I no longer ask for rainbow & fairy tale.

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2015, to 2016

Happy 2016, everyone.
Last year, this time.
I was in #Bangkok, partying. haha.

2015 has been one hell of roller coaster ride year;
I felt every emotion on the spectrum from the best to worst.

Despite all the screams, 2015 taught me important lessons:-
– Do it, whatever you’re scared of doing.
– Busy is not productive, focus on what matters.