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So, what’s your favourite shape?
& do you know these Arnott’s Shapes boxes make amazing shapes?
Yes, as a big fan of Shapes chip-crackers, I have been following their “ChampionShapes Inter-Campus Contest 2016”. Basically, participants will need to create an artistic shape (art piece) with 1,000 units of Arnott’s Shapes boxes on the “Contest Day” in 6 hours or less.


How much do you care?

Does it concern you?

Found this image along with this slogan online:
“When the wood go, wildlife goes.”
This is definitely not a very pleasant image;
But unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to our earth now.

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Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

Life has been so hectic lately.
My only consolation is, good food.
I was invited to the influencer event at the newly opened Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert last week. Their tagline said it all. “I came here for noodles, & stayed for dessert!” They offer not just dessert, but a tempting range of authentic Hong Kong delicacies.
The familar faces; Povy, Estelle, Mel & Mark.