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My first trip with Shengyi, also the first double date trip for me & my #annoyingbff.
We needed to escape from the hustle and bustle, & the beach is definitely the place to visit.
Hence, Phuket.
I chose to stay in Karon instead of the famous Patong area, which is quieter and less busy.
Definitely a better place to offer me the much required break.

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10 ways to experience the real BALI

“Bali is more than a place;
it’s a mood, it’s magical;
it’s a tropical state of mind.”
Bali is always a good idea, it’s no doubt one of the best travel destination for families.
I am blessed to be able to bless my family with a trip to Bali on my dad’s birthday. It’s my second time visiting Bali, & I am still loving this place as much.

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2 days in Bangkok – What to do?

Holla, I just got back from BANGKOK!

Yeap, I am there for the 5th time. (That’s how much I love BKK!)
I have pretty much been to all the touristy spot in Bangkok. Read more HERE.
Hence this round, instead of an touristy adventure trip, it’s rather a relaxing vacation.
We all know, Bangkok is popular for its’ world class hotel & shopping spots.