Sisterly Love

Last time, I would say.. sister? Ish, I don’t talk much to her. She is so spoilt. She is so unreasonable. She only knows how to call mama. And now… I’m so damm in love with my baby sister!! I talk to her and share with her everything. I fight with her over stupid things and end up with laughter. I like to bath together with her. I love to study with her.

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sweet sixteen

Happy sweet 16 birthday to myself!!
My birthday cake.
Its seriously pure chocolate!!
i adore it!! I have my birthday dinner @ sheraton hotel, miyako.
Thanks daddy mummy.


cool? ngenge..

This is the second day since my mum was hospitalized.
I had nobody to wake me up,
fetch me to school,
cook something nice for me,
prepared everything for me…
and nobody i can merajuk with..