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this week

some updates for this week.
assignments . midterm . presentation .
assignments, it’s definitely more than enough to keep the lonely me occupied. idle, isn’t a good thing.

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first of all, I wish I am back at subang, back at my home sweet home right now desperately.
kampar, i guess, i will still need quite awhile to get use with the unique lifestyle over here. ugh.
first day @ kampar :
daddy mummy together with brother and sister accompanied me down to kampar.
i will be staying at oxford, so yea, i need to go through some troublesome procedure to get my room key.



Since I will be going to UTAR, and you highness, me, don’t own a car, bicycle became a must.
so yea, i got my very own pink bicycle last weekend.

yes, i wanted something like this.
it’s like, oh-so-pretty.


everlasting sentimental

watched leechongwei vs lindan’s badminton match just now.
leechongwei got defeated, 16-21, 16-21.
still, good play. i would say. =)
& now, let me continue with my yesterday night Utar foundation graduation night.
I reached there around 4pm, some of the committees were already there.
Saw emily and dragged her into the washroom.

camwhore session as usual.