Things never always like what you thought it should be,
many things are just left unsaid.
New year resolution? If I were to set, there will be way too much.



simple words of yours
is enough to make the smile for the whole day.
I wore long jeans to class today. teehee.
after class, went KFC and secret recipe with Maggie.
Had, chocolate indulgence at Secret Recipe.
& then, cheesie wedges at KFC.
how many calories? you count for me. I don’t want to know.
dengggg, I feel so guilty now.


pc fair

She’ll have to wake up,
he’s just another guy.

My very first time working @ PC fair. good experience and I enjoyed.
It was fun with colleagues-ku yang sangat cute.
Me likey them.



I hate the time before at night before going to sleep,
because, that’s when all the thoughts I’m trying to avoid starts to linger.

My PC fair job hunting experience :
mind you, it’s freaking interesting miserable.
my hunting partner : Mr. Ivan Cheong.
Cousin introduce me to work as Canon sales girl. Interview session required.