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ended with a good note

boyfriend took this photo of mine.
& i  ♥ it.

oh yes, he came for my press conference. teehee! ♥

Became a V.I.P guest for a press conference, a mock one. lol.
it was actually the last assignment for my first year.
was pretty nervous and worried that it wouldn’t goes well.
because there’s no rehearsal or anything, and everything was last minute.

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good day

Went out with baby today, together with Hershey♥. She was sleeping in her bed comfortably enjoying the full blast air cond in the car, she loves it a lot.

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Life here

We are going to have a BBQ session, shas said.
& so the other night, after dinner, we went groceries shopping at Tesco.
The guys were busy doing serious shopping, getting meat, potatoes, etc.