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Healthcare to Your Door Step

It sucks to fall sick, worse when you are home alone or when you live by yourself. Yes, I would like to believe, there’s nothing worse than having to drag yourself to the clinic or the drug store when you are sick as a dog.
Good news is, I have just discovered a brilliant app that can help you to survive when you’re sick & stuck at home alone — #Doctor2u.

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Few months back, I went to this beautiful island – PULAU RAWA; shared it on my social media, and many were asking me about it. Where is it, how to go, etc.

Recently, I found this site – FLYKLIA.


63rd Macau Grand Prix

I was scrolling through the photos in my phone, and saw this photo with of me with the latest ambitious rider from Portugal, André PIRES!
Hello, hottie!

Besides the Food Carnival, this is another highlight of my trip t