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Penang : Day 2/Pt. 1

The second day at Penang was beach day! We spent almost the entire day at beach.
I was pretty excited bout it, woke up 6 in the morning, and started to get ready!

one vain shot. heh!


I forced the half-asleep boyfriend to join me.
look at his puffy eyes, so cute!


*got all ready up

more vain shots.
blame the mirrorS for tempting me.


Penang people are as lazy as Subang people, they are probably still all asleep when we’re up hunting for food. all shops were still closed, so, we randomly stopped by at some kopitiam for breakfast.

sadly, MILOAIS happened to be the best among all. -.-


Then, off we head to BATU FERRINGHI.
Thankiew Mr.GPS!


The beach was quite empty.

& we actually got “persuaded” to go on a banana boat for 15minutes with the price of rm15 each.
that guy said it’s morning, that’s why he gave us a morning discount, as it supposed to be rm20 each.

i then wonder, if there’s also noon discount or night discount. hmmm.

us, before “boating”. heh!


the girls.


it’s was quite a great experience, &  i thought i had just lost a few pounds.
as it seems like i was so freaking light because i actually got blew off for a few times, ern, yea.

got all wet.
still, we had fun.


sun bath for awhile with the intention to dry up faster. lol.
& then, started snapping vain pics again.

ok la, i know you spot my fats already.
but, I am in penang, food heaven, couldn’t help!
*trying hard to find excuse, ahem!


feeling the morning breeze.
exposing myself fully to the sunlight!


I love beach so much to an extent that I placed BORABORA in my dream list, and told the boyfriend it will be good best if we can go to BORABORA for honey moon next time. Imma explore the most romantic island in the world! The crystal clear water is just irresistible; ahhhhhh! I want to go diving there!

Sadly, Penang beach isn’t blue, it’s rather greenish.
*point at the background


Nevermind, i shall go Jet Ski-ing! 


Realize the change in my position? heh!
I am never a good driver, not even in controlling the Jet Ski. FML.


This is what they did while boyfriend and I were jet-ski-ing.
Guess it’s pretty true that vain people will usually have vain friends, it’s an aura. woots!

oh yes, this is the exact expression shown by SC.


more photos after jet ski.

the friends forever pose, spot the matching yellow bottoms!


I love this photos, because it somewhat make me looks like i have got long legs!


playing around with shadows.





we brought kites along.
yes, we are going to fly kites!


fixing fixing fixing.


baby boyfriend flying…



oh, we have no blue sea, but at least, there’s till blue blue sky.


that’s all for now!



  • Nice place Nice foto…
    But why got a person face being hide?

  • dsvt – Haha, now you know why. heh!

  • your bikini looks so pretty!! :)

  • WAH! So nais… so much fun… I miss the beach…
    I wanna go take sun set or sun rise photos! :p

  • jo – heh! thankiew!

    mikeyip – ahh, my friend took some really nice sunset photo, shall post it up in the next post ;)

  • sigh you got such a great body….how to achieve lidat? :(

  • c.ling – oh, thankiew!! ern, i really have no idea.

  • wow you’re real busty despite your tiny frame =) btw you do look like a younger version of cheesie hehe.

  • Seems like u had tons of fun :) Made me miss Penang all of a sudden…

  • Man, how I wish I have gf who has body like you, so hot!

  • look like shinyee’s blog post…

  • wooo my darling sho hot hahahaha *nose bleed*
    18SX!! :D :D

  • i knew ppl will comment tzia’s body so hot. T__T Yer I also want.

  • jasmine – heh! look like cheesie? i will take that as a compliment! ^^

    chris – heh! of course i had! go Penang!!!

    miaaaoo – haha. thanks.

    jessica – it’s beach, and we both are as vain. not surprising. heh!

    adele – *smack you la!!!

  • jillian – haha! *laugh! :)

  • Your bikini is sooooo cute!!! :D It’s so bright and happy and cheery! ^____^ like you!

  • annie – haha! your description so cute! thankiew! :)

  • nice bikini ;D very very sharp ! your post make me wants to go beach toooo ! hehe. and very hot body ! can share with us secret to achieve it ? teehee !

  • where you bought yr bikini??? very cute and pretty!! XD

  • I miss beaches…. T.T
    Very nice sunny day ^^

  • First picture is a bang wtf
    What a nice surprise!

  • freda – i always get heaps of compliment from you! *blush heh! thankiew!!!

    carrie – thanks! i bought it from s’pore :)

    xiaopei – heh! go and have fun then.

    biopolymath – thank you. :)

  • do u on diet?how to u achieve that?

  • What contact lens are u wearing? You look cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

  • c ling – geo lens, nudy grey! heh! thanks, girl!

  • This post definitely will get high traffics =)
    Hope you had fun~

  • Hey Tzia, I love your posts and photos. Is it okay if I know how you combine the pictures you took to make a fabulous collage like you did? Thanks a million. :)

  • ck – sure! i use photoscape, you can download the program online. :)

  • http://tziaaa.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/42.jpg hi do you mind teaching me how to do this effect? i’ve tried but can’t do this effect. thanks =)

  • veron foon – i use photoscape! you can try download it online. ^^

  • pretty nice! =)
    nice body shape!how to remove the big tummy?

  • xiaoying – uh? i also got tummy eh!!

  • Awww~Nice body shape .. envyenvy*

  • meggie – thankiew! ♥

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