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How about save money & watch movie?

Year end is always a mixed feeling. :/
I am excited, because its holiday season, its year-end sales time! Woohoo!
But… it’s also time to be hurting & feel the pinch.

In addition, it’s the time to service my car again!
My car needs to go for service & oil change as it’s due. This has to be done to prepare for the road trips during the upcoming long holidays in December.

advertorial, bits & pieces


I just got back from Hongkong the foodie paradise, & miraculously after all the good food (full roasted goose, ichiran ramen, wantanmee, etc), not only I did not gain weight. I actually lost one kg after my trip.
Then I figured out, it was the amount of walk I did at Hongkong. I walk an average of 3.500 steps in Malaysia, & about 18,000 steps when I am at Hongkong.