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Healthcare to Your Door Step

It sucks to fall sick, worse when you are home alone or when you live by yourself. Yes, I would like to believe, there’s nothing worse than having to drag yourself to the clinic or the drug store when you are sick as a dog.
Good news is, I have just discovered a brilliant app that can help you to survive when you’re sick & stuck at home alone — #Doctor2u.

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Niro Granite Tiles Selection

“Girl, you’re so blessed. Your family is so loving.”
I get that very often, & I am indeed very grateful for my family.
One of the greatest gifts I ever got from God; I call them – MY FAMILY.”
I am thankful for everything they gave me, the love, soul & time.
& very thankful that whenever my heart goes weary, I can go home & get recharge.

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I just got back from Hongkong the foodie paradise, & miraculously after all the good food (full roasted goose, ichiran ramen, wantanmee, etc), not only I did not gain weight. I actually lost one kg after my trip.

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My car works super hard for me, and definitely reliable to get me to where I need to go all the time. It surely deserves a good care.
I believe all of us love our car, but many of us are unsure of how to take care of our car. Undeniable, there’s heaps of ways to love your car. To me, one of the most important yet easiest way, is to change your car engine oil regularly.