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love is in the air

Assignments started grabbing away most of my time, i don’t even have time to blog.
& when Hershey came in to my life, she basically ate up all my time. gosh!

I have got so many pending posts on hand now, & some of it had sort of expired, and I don’t have the OHMMMM to blog about it already. that’s really terrible, saya tau! & so, I will now blog about a lil bit of today. :)

attended cousin brother’s pre-wedding dinner.


the bride, and the groom.




oh well, it was a pre-wedding dinner.
the bride wasn’t in the house, so yea.

yes, tomorrow, is the big day.


I am loving this beige dress of mom.



my very lovable siblings.
yes yes yes, i do have a brother. :)

I know right the rate of exposure of my brother in my blog is so damm low.


BTW, because of this pre-wedding dinner.
I missed the Tiger Run event.

which means, bye bye Disney Cruise. T.T

I then tried hard to decorate baby’s car with disney accessories.
yes, imma trying hard to DIY a Disney CAR. ^^


&, there’s this huge mickey mouse sitting beside me whenever I drive baby’s car.


a baby mickey from my baby to fulfill my mickey mouse fetish!
It’s so big that it took up half of my bed space. @@


thanks baby!
hee, yes, it was our 8th month!


I would love to say, …
I am glad to have you with me, ego king baby.

i love you!


make baby mixed  fruit koniyaku jelly.
there’s 8 types of fruits in it which represented the eight months that we have been through together.


&, pink roses. nothing to do with our anni.
just a bunch of rose i bought it for myself when I am up at Cameron with Shas.

rm5 for this bunch of roses.


that’s all for now.
promise that i will update a proper blog post soon enough.


  • finally you updated :) hee !
    super love your hair bun ! can have tutorial on how to make it :D
    aww, that’s so sweet of your bii ! sweet sweet love yah !

  • I love you baby dear….forgive and endure =) muacckss loves

  • congratz for both 8th months =)

  • Somehow your brother resembles a little of your Boyfriend. Hahaha. Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you and your Boyfriend! :)

  • YA,i thought u only have a sister.Ur sister has ur smile but ur brother has ur look.awesome combination:)

  • freda – haha. yea, finally updated! hee, my hair bun cheat one. you can learn the proper one from ringo’s blog though. ^^ thank you thank you! :)

    bii – i smack you! ^^

    tracy – thanks yea! :)

    chef mel – ahhh. really?! i didn’t realize that though!!!! :) thankssss! ^^

    caihong – haha. everyone thought i only have a sister. :) tell you smtg, i don’t look like my parents you know. :)

  • Anna Sui Perfume! Happy Valentine Day xoxo

  • blog visited…

    happy chinese new year!

  • aestheticstore – :)

    sam – thanks, please come again. ^^

  • sweet sweet 8months. keep the love sparking in the air :)

  • Hi there^^ The mixed fruit koniyaku jelly’s concept very creative lo with 8 types of fruits representing 8 months^^ You should include your favorite durian in as well, sure it will be delicious^^

  • Hi Tziaaa,

    Congrats to your 8th month of togetherness. Gong Xi Fa Cai

  • xiaopei – hee! thanks so much!

    zues – wah, durian is superb. but he will faints if he smelled it. lol!

    charles – haha. havnt gong xi fa cai la!!!

  • hi there. 1st time commenting here ^^

    would u mind blog about how do u make the mixed fruit koniyaku jelly?

    it looks very delicious!^^

  • hy – ahh. i just deleted all those in processed photos! but, it’s really easy. cut all the fruits. cooked the koniyaku syrup. add the fruits layer by layer. :)

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