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precious ♥

Received my pay cheque from NUFFNANG the other day!

Went shopping straight after I finished my last paper together with lil sister. Bought pressie for my daddy, mummy, lil sister, brother and my baby boyfriend. & oh, it’s Mother’s Day so I bought something for baby’s mom and auntie too.

Felt so generous that day, *bigwidesmile

I love being the santa claus simply because I love seeing ’em happy.
yes, my happiness gained just like that.


Braun Buffel‘s sales person impressed me since the very first time i stepped in, and it still do today.
Also, how nicely they wrapped things up too. =)

btw, Braun Buffel’s wallet for daddy.


like, what I mentioned, it was MOTHERS’ DAY.
HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to my Lovely Ultimate Mummy , and also to all the other mothers.

we always think that mummy should really loves and pampers herself more, so yea…
L’occitane facial products & leg cream from brother sister and me.


Still, i think mummy was happiest when she saw this hand made card from us.


we sacrificed of beauty sleep for this.
& glad to know that it’s all worth it when we saw the smile on mummy’s face.

pig baby hershey is in our family potrait! heh!


here comes the confession!
yes, mummy, you are the precious one in our family!

thanks for all that you had sacrificed for us!
we you heaps!  xoxo.


baby got something for my ultimate mummy too!
something similar to what we both got for his mom and aunt! *smile

After the santa claus-ing session end, we went all the way down to Seremban to meet up with my POPO.
oh, we started our journey around 7++am, *sleeepppyyyyy

my popo.


It’s breakfast time!!! *bigwidesmile


yummieee yummmiieeee fish porridge.


the fish is incredibly fresh, and you can really taste the sweetness that got into the porridge!


steam fish! *two thumbs up


ordered soup.
not bad, but i still think my ultimate mummy’s one is better.


salted pork belly claypot rice.
probably because there’s too many customers, and it actually lost its usual standard.

not nice. =(

my very happy daddy, and my ultimate mummy who is busy with food.


brother actually abandoned the salted pork belly claypot rice he ordered, and went for fish porridge instead. lol. & that’s my lil sister who is rather sensitive to camera.  heh!


no make up, was too rush!


Leave Popo’s place after awhile.
Then, followed mummy to Carefour to do some grocery shopping.

Ultimate Mummy got me a new bedsheet! & it’s pink!

After that, went Station 1 together with Adele and Jiashin.
had some girls’ talk, also updated my blog.

oh, &, our laptop almost bombed Station 1. yea!


Hours later, daddy come and pick me up, cause it’s food dinner time again. *smile
Ultimate mummy suggested Thai Food, since all of us are basically obsessed with Thai Food.

Otak-otak Seafood Coconut.
i tak suka, cause i tak suka otak-otak. ugh.


Special Seafood Salad. This is awesome, it’s spicy, sweet and sour!
my favorite among all!


Mango Fish.

personally, i think it’s a lil too dry.
but no doubt, the fish is really fresh!


Some vege name tian cat.
very smooth! me likey.


last but least, tomyam prawn which goes very well with the Mango fish!


Mother’s Day somehow seems more like Food Hunting day. heh!
let’s hope mummy enjoyed her day!

I love you, my Lovely Ultimate Mummy!
& once again, Happy Mother’s Day!!





  • <3 love the last picture.

  • nice handmade card :)cute drawings and nice handwritting !
    jealous ! without makeup also look pretty, no cheat you …
    can share with us how you take care of you skin ?
    and yummy food ! heh

  • melanie – her hand is smoother than mine leh! heh!

    freda – haha, my lil sis draw, i write. heh! my skin not good, just so ngam got sunlight so look better. :)but, L’occitane no doubt is good. you can try. i love food! *wink

  • You look good without makeup =)Unlike me, got shadows around my eyes T__T

    and you’re soo good hearted and generous buying presents for everyone <3

  • sarah – try L’occitane eye gel, a lil exp, but definitely worth it! i have been using it for 2 weeks or more and i see the effects! :) heh! let’s just say i love being santa claus!

  • awww… so sweet!! =D

  • daphnepoh – heh! thankiew.

  • Nice card :)

  • xiaopei – heh! thanks yea!

  • So sweet. I love the photo where you hold your mum hand. Wish her happy and healthy always.

  • Nice handwritting + the last pic, *touch*` <3

    Enjoying ur holiday right? xD

    ps: Can I know the payment of Nuffnang to you is based on?

  • jobless girl – thankiew. yea, i wish she would be happy and healthy always. :)

    tracy – heh! thankiew! yes, that’s why my blog is active again.
    based on hits?

  • awwww… so nice…. so ssweeeeet…

  • mike – heh. thankiew thankiew! :))

  • The handmade card is very nice! so much effort! you are so nice. hope you and yr family are happy and healthy always. take care =]

  • lizzy – thanks, lizzy! take care too!

  • The otak otak coconut seafood looks awesome! Where is the place?

  • Huaibin – ugh, that one have the worst look eh! btw, it’s at ss15, near Taylor’s Business School. :)

  • baru wanna ask where is this, nampak seremeban only.. aihh no need d!

  • the tomyam makes me droooooool! looks so yummy! whats the place name? :)

  • simonso – haha, 1 day trip to seremban untuk makan la! it’s worth it! ^^

    nicole – i couldn’t remember. but it’s at ss15 opposite a rm2 vegetarian restaurant near Taylor’s Business School.

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