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Cameron Highland

I was grumpy on that morning.

was pms-ing, and having trouble to deal with my final exam stress. PR Writing, was the next paper. It’s more on one’s creativity and writing skills, yet I am there memorizing all those stuck up useless shyt just to make myself feel better. oh, craps!

boyfriend hurried me to get ready, he said we’ll be having lunch @ Ipoh.
for the first time, i did not get excited over FOOD.

Memorizing error-editing skills while he was driving. I did not even look at the sign board, till he said he went to the wrong way. I told him to take an U-Turn, but he insisted to go on. Didn’t care much, till he finally revealed that we are actually going up to CAMERON HIGHLAND.

@@!! I stared at him for at least 10 seconds.

So yea, Melaniehwa I did not plan for the whole thing.
He planned.

Look at his happy face after “surprising” me.


I didn’t want to go up cause it was raining that time, and I’ve heard of how dangerous Cameron’s road is.
He ignored me, completely.


He then bullshyt me, telling me Cameron isn’t cold at all.
*look at the mist mannnnnn. =.=


The best bester bestest thing is that I was wearing a sleeveless top. it’s totally out of my expectation that we are going to Cameron Highland. Ohhh, by the time he realized, we are already about to reach. heh!

but the cold air is exactly what I need. The weather was so freaking bad at Kampar, I almost died due to the excessive heat. yes, it sucks that bad.


My stomach started growling when we reached, decided to drop by some where to fill our stomach.

Some strawberry dessert, ordered because it’s so strawberry-ish! Tempting max!
Tried, and ahhhhh, it turned me down. :(

Boyfriend ordered a very yummiiieeee blueberry pie.


This is another very strawberry-ish drink that make me regret max. T.T
lesson learned : never judged a book by its cover/name.


Strawberry jam, Blueberry jam, and Orange jam.
chio much eh!


Next was Tea Farm.
So mazy! As in, so maze-look-alike.


It was after rain. I didn’t want to go all the way in cause it was rather muddy.
still, took a photo at outside the tea farm, so I can say I went to a tea farm. heh!!


bought souvenirs for the mothers.


Stayed for awhile, then we left to those roadside store.

so many food stalls, yayyyy!
that was what i thought in the first place.

then, i realized they all selling the same thing! it’s ether corn, or sweet potatoes. -.-


the very cute boyfriend!


& & &, i have got roses! hehehh!

it’s so cheap up there, it’s like by paying rm10 you will be getting 5 bunches of roses!
hmmm, those florists must be earning big bucks! *evilgrins


It’s about 5pm after we done walking around those stalls, and thought we should leave already because it’s about time to feed baby hershey. but, OMFG, the jam was bad, real bad.

we got stuck for freaking 4 hours. FOL max! craps!
I then realized, it’s Labour day! silly me, i just tweeted bout that on that morning itself.

*smack forehead


Jam, wasn’t completely a bad thing though.
It has been awhile since we last sit down and have a good talk.



a very beautiful scenery we saw when we are on our way back.


ohh! did i mentioned it was our 11th monthsary?

Happy 11th, baby!
Thanks for everything, my dear.



P.S. – final exam is over! ^^


  • AWW ! that’s very sweet of your boyfriend :)
    and congrats that final exam is over ! you got more time to update dy =P

  • baybeeee…we’re going to have more fun in Penang =)…huggie huggie. miss you

  • freda – hee! yesh, it’s finally over!! ^^ it’s good to see your comment :)

    bii – xoxo!! i miss you too!

  • Yo^^ I just notice we have the same blog post^^ Nicey^^

  • zues – wahhh, so ngam geh! ^^

  • bluekk! =P dont care. Fred’s fault! i sulk! =(


    Best of luck in finals. heh.

  • weyherng – go go go!! now, can only pray hard for the results! heh!

  • melanie – haha, want be light bulb meh! LOL! HEH!

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  • Hello, dropping by~
    the strawberry yogurt up there is a love too! i miss it already… :(

  • Nice trip to cameron u have there. =)

  • hayley – strawberry yougurt? where can i find it?

    Jlean – heh! yea, i enjoyed. :)

  • babe, i also went to Cameron on dat day. heheheheh!
    So damn jem rite? I also forgot dat day is a labour day no wonder so pack..ehheheeh!

  • sweetness

  • ainee – yea, i was wondering why is it so jam till someone mentioned it’s labour day! and, the worst thing is, the first tweet of mine on that day was “it’s labour day!” -,-

    dylan – heh! <3

  • Awwww…So sweet. =D

  • jiayeen – heh! thankiew!

  • SWEET! And you look adourable!

  • ur hair is so nice again! don’t do anything c2pid to it d okay~ hahahahahha xD

  • carrie – haha, you very sweet! :)

    teycindy – heh! i will go to the saloon! &, i cannot BBM you already lo now! sad sad sad!!

  • haha. true. i tak mau!

  • found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  • My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  • Great blog 9/10! Bookmarked :)

  • Hello Pretty, may i know if kampar go cameron highlands take how long time ah? cos i wan bring my parents go.tq very much!

  • irene – hey, i am sorry cause i was sleeping when my boyfriend is driving, so i don’t know how long it exactly took us.

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