one of our assignments is to reposition the wonderful creamery.
we created a brand new line of fat free ice cream, The Sherbet Cup.

online ads I created for wonderful creamery. *fictional*
(created the whole product too)

it’s about a weight conscious girl who is standing on a weighing machine. She loves ice cream a lot but she’s forced to keep herself away from it in order to keep slim. All these stop, when she knows about the wonderful creamery’s “SHERBET CUPS”.  it’s because it’s fat free!

because you deserve a guilt free treat!


have been very busy with assignments, the one above is one of the many i did.
& now, finally some time off before my finals.

will be right back with more updates.

stay tune.



  • cuteeeee ^^

  • freda – thankiew, sweetie!

  • i think u shud slow down the animation :) just my 2 cents!

  • Creative! :) But I think the last slide should hold still for a little longer. I cant read the copy that quick. Hee. Just the 2 cents of mine.

  • lys – thankiew i will try it next time!

    vvens – i just realize it! ahhh, thanks for your comment ;)

  • yeah should slow down the animations, babe. also, the last frame… guilt free treAt. i think you got typo :)

  • awwww your assignments seem wayyy fun !! :P

  • lily – ok, let’s hope the lecturer didnt see that. heh!!

    chocalita – this is seems more fun, others are just simply dull.

  • u do know that its MOSTLY the excess sugar and carbohydrates in our food that causes us to gain weight a.k.a fat right? Fat-free but high in sugar in the end still causes us to gain weight ;)

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