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So.. the big 2-5 is finally here!

I still refuse to accept that time is ticking & I am dreading the fact that I am growing older. I am a quarter century old now, but…. it seems just like yesterday I blew out the candles for my 21st birthday. Ugh.

To be very honest, I have lost the excitement and joy I had when I turned 21. I no longer ask for rainbow & fairy tale. Instead, I seek for people who can go through storms with me.

Just two week before my birthday, I had a constant fight with myself, & that eventually created ache in my heart. The insecurities are real.

& then, I realize I need to learn to be grateful. For the past 25 years, I am indeed very loved. Instead of getting all upset about what I am yet to achieve, I need to appreciate what I have already got. I am very thankful for all the genuine and lovely souls that have stay by my side all these while. Thank you for loving me!

Here’s the 25 realizations I have as I turn 25.

#1 My parents are cooler now!
Now that I have a “FAMILY” whats-app group, I realized that my mom always knows about the latest happenings before I do. I often see it on my family group chat before I get to see it on Facebook. Then, when I traveled with them, I was shocked that the normally stern dad actually love taking photo (because he wants to share it with his “bro group”), and secretly enjoy being in my snapchat, haha! I truly appreciate the level of coolness they have evolved to.

#2 Mom always knows best.
My mom is probably the smartest person I’ve ever met! Accepting her advises and do accordingly, really did saved me from a lot of headache. My car installment for instance, I’M DEBT FREE now! Simply because I agreed to listen to her & opted for a 5 yrs installment plan instead of the 7yrs one. I thought it was ridiculous, but mom believes it’s possible. And hey, I really made it! :D

#3 I can afford to pamper my family.
It’s true that nothing feels better than being able to afford not just your needs, but able to splurge on your family as well. Buying the gift of travel for my family has always been in my bucket list, & I finally checked it off by sending my family to BALI for vacation!

#4 My dogs are part of the family.
I work till late on most of the nights, & baby hershey would sit beside & wait until I am done with work; then, we head to bed together. She has aged so much this year, however, became more clingy. (‘: Just, coming home to have this little fur ball so happy to see me heals heart. I couldn’t imagine how it is going to be if one day I got home & she’s not longer there.

#5 Staying in over going out.
When I turned 25, I couldn’t help it but to agree that “staying in is the new going out“. I actually enjoy looking ugly with my hair up, & specs on at home. Well, no one is going to judge you anyway, haha.

#6 Realized that “every power encounter starts with desperation.”
I don’t want to be just a normal Christian, I desperately crave for the power of God. I am indeed very blessed that I have an ultimate Father in heaven that loves me dearly, & especially thankful for the promise and gift of healing He has given to me. For all that, I don’t want to only be healed, I want to have to power to heal. I want to world to know what a mighty God I serve.  I want to step into another season in unshakable faith in the one who made me and has tenderly holds me even when I was a mess. // “No one like you, I am desperate for you”.

#7 I have learned to drop the entitlement, & just LOVE.
I was taught to love, but very often when I love, I expect. I used to have this very strong sense of entitlement. & this toxic entitlement leads to suffering. I felt so disturbed & disappointed when others doesn’t love me like how I would love them, & how most of the time good heart is taken for granted.

Well, I guess it is when you start to learn to love & not expect, life starts to get better. Do not be blinded with the sense of entitlement, I am indeed happier now, because I felt that I am blessed to be able to give & love others.

#8 You should know what it takes to start your morning right.
For me, it’s definitely the steaming cup of fresh C O F F E E. Coffee gives me the energy boost that can lasts me for the entire day! I love it, when my only problem is only FLATWHITE or LONGBLACK. Hehe. (p.s. – coffee ensures productivity).

#9 You should know what can put smile on your face.
No matter how bad my day is, a bouquet of beautiful flower never fail to put smile on my face! My #annoyingbff know me well enough, & purposely have it sent over to my office. That definitely made my day (especially when I was so stressed up with work).

Blessed enough. The amount of bouquets I received on my birthday this year probably enough to make me smile for the entire year. Thank you, all of you, lovelies!

#10 You need to choose your friends wisely, and understand that it is not possible to keep them all.
I have been told that I am really blessed to be loved by many. & because, I grew up surrounded by all the sincere & genuine souls, it makes me trust very easily.

Turning 25, I finally learned my lesson. I was indeed too naive to think that everyone is just as genuine; I’ve forgotten that the devil was once an angel too. Yes, even the most innocent looking & harmless person can kill you. 害人之心不可有,防人之心不可無。

#annoyingbff was there for me when I was so disappointed with these people whom I call my good friends (as usual). I told her, she’s a keeper. & I do not know what would I be without her in this fallen world. She replied, “dont say such thing to me, we’re family. we aim to be the better version of ourself along the way.

A good friend encourages you & helps you to be a better person, while many pretended to be your friend & would try their best to find any possible way to make you fall.

Be wise, when you choose your friend. It either empowers you, or breaks you.


#11 Well, the past is done and dusted.
It is the first year after many years, I am celebrating my birthday without him. This guy has been there since I am 21, never once leave me no matter how mess’d up I was. He seen all my flaws, & have loved me unconditionally. It was hard to leave this comfortable arms. But guess, what done is done. We got to move on, be a better person. Just believe that God has already has His plan for us. (:

#12 Setting my priority right & acknowledge the importance of saying no.
Life is tiring when I thought “yes” was my only option, because we care about what others think alot. And, that costs me dearly. I came to realize that I have been trying to please everyone & prioritize other’s needs before myself. In the end, not only I do not have time for myself, it crowded out time with my family & people who really matters. Guess it’s about time to change the default answer from “yes” to “no”, it’s okay to be selfish before it’s too late! // “if it’s not an absolute yes, it’s a no.”

#13 Learn to make myself happy
I’ve learn that happiness is an inside work, waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad (#sadtruth); You’re responsible for your own happiness, & nobody can make you happy if you yourself can’t. Learn to count your blessing, and accept your own imperfections. Surround yourself with positive souls, & eliminate the toxic people in your life. Then, SMILE.

#14 Got to stop binge-drinking
Not just for myself, but also for all the others who care. Getting drunk, you don’t just lost your conscious mind, you might just lost your rights too. Whatever others say the next day, you will lose the rights to defend yourself simply because you were not conscious enough to be right. It’s scary, & I am honestly think I am a little too old for dramas like these. // (p.s. note that binge drinking might cost your life too. hmmm.)

#15 Accept the fact that not everyone mean & do what they say.
Because, we live in a world where people only wants to listen to what they chose to listen. Hence, we need to accept that a lot of conversation became intentional with heaps of forethought and planning. Let it be good or bad, do not take any too seriously or personally. Otherwise, you will be making yourself more vulnerable to hurt feelings, and unhappiness.

#16 You should know that it’s okay to be single too.
“We’re single, but not ’leftovers”. I am happy in my current state, I am working hard independently to be the right person for my future other half. // read more – HERE

#17 I agreed that heartbreaks are painful, but I got to deal with it!
Prior to this, I believe that being strong is the only way out. Hence, I often fight my feelings, & forcefully put on a smile on my face even when I was hurt badly inside.

Now, I learned that heartbreak is unavoidable, I acknowledged that it is painful; But, I have the complete rights to give myself some moments to be sad. Self reminder: do not dwell too long in the emotions that upsets me! I learn to go an extra mile to do something for myself (even when I feel super shitty & do not feel like doing anything at all). I get up, & I workout! Exercising releases endorphin. True enough, it has never fails to make me happier! Sweat it all out, & feel much better later! :D

#18 I met this one person who’s not a friend, just stranger with memories.
I have finally accepted the fact that, you’re bound to meet new people when you least expect it! A stranger can enter your life and suddenly mean the world to you, teach you some life lessons, then suddenly became a stranger to you again!

Yes, the only constant in life in CHANGE. You just need to appreciate everyone that came by your life, because they might be gone the next second. Good thing is, memories stay. (:

#19 Rejection makes me stronger.
Rejection is not fatal, honey! Head up, be strong & get better! (I have been telling myself that a lot this year, haha). It’s a different season of life for me this year, I am learning new things, hence the unavoidable rejection. Good news is, I have grown a lot through all these rejection. Guess sometimes, it’s God’s way to tell me – “wrong direction, my dear”. It might even be a protection in disguise from my heavenly father. (:


#20 You should know that flossing shouldn’t be a thing you take lightly.
I brush my teeth everyday (2-3 times a day) but flossing wasn’t a habit, & yet i can get cavities! I almost lost my front teeth, it’s crazy! I now learn that flossing is incredibly important. Well, you can’t be bathing without body shampoo right? Same thing, you can’t skip flossing just because you brush your teeth.

#21 I am sexy when I confident! :D
I find myself extremely attracted to confident people (e.g. – my #annoyingbff). This girl taught me how being confident can easily resort to non-constructive critics, because being confident means you will know it’s not about what others think about you, it’s what you think about yourself. Whatever you belief inside of yourself, manifest on the outside! // “Throw me to the wolves, & I will return leading the pack”!

Confidence is a real charm! I have finally wake up, & realize that there’s no one that likes to be surrounded with people who’s insecure & anxious all the time! So what, if I am a typical cancerian, I need to be a CONFIDENT cancerian! HAHA. Yes, I can.

#22 Yes, it’s completely okay to not know everything.
I was so stressed up that 2 weeks before my birthday because I felt like there’s so much I don’t know yet! Then I realize, nothing changes the fact that – LIFE, IS, FULL OF SURPRISES, I will never know everything (only God knows). These surprise might makes me a lot happier than originally planned; But, do note that not all surprises are pleasant, I just need to be open to unexpected turns & keep learning to counter these n0t-so-pleasant surprises life gives me!

I chose FAITH over FEAR.

#23 My metabolism rate slows down so much!
Haha, I used to eats supper everyday & not gain weight. Not anymore, even dinner makes me FAT now. So yea, forget about not-eating, because you wouldn’t lose weight even when you only drink water when you aged (turns 25, i mean). Accept it! There’s no way out besides exercising. T.T

#24 I actually grow old.
Oh dear, you don’t know how it feels when you start spotting wrinkles in your photo! I actually rushed straight to the mall & get a tub of anti-wrinkle eye cream (it’s true! I am not even exaggerating! T.T). It is really time to start using anti-aging facial product now. Huhu.

#25 “You should know that being a quarter of a century old is really not that bad.”
Erm. I am still learning to embrace the fact of be turning 25!
Haha. Let you know if I really felt this way when i turn 26 yea!

Cheers! // xx.


  • Lol. you are only 25 and you are already complaining about being old. Then what about me? I am 34, means can die already?

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