polka candies

i am terribly obsessed with sweet stuff lately, gummies is my new bestfriend.
like seriously, i can hardly survive without candies or desserts.

*i foresee an obese me who is diagnosed with diabetes* fml.

anyway, baby sent me for manicure to keep me occupied when he’s busy with his stuff the other day.
he loves me doing manicure and all, somehow because he likes me being “girly”. lol.


and, i chose to do a sweet till can get diabetes punya nail art.


please tell me it’s nice, because it’s blardy rm76.
the lady told me it would be rm55 before i do it, so, i thought once in awhile ok la!

& when I about to pay her (after she finish doing and all), she say it’s rm76. -.-

the worst thing is Shinyee told me she can do the exactly same thing for me by just charging me rm20.
& that would be more that enough. -.-

okay, i really thought rm76 rm55 is a reasonable price.
but, not now anymore. grhhhhh!

p.s. – i would be really happy if any of you come and tell me rm76 for such manicure+nail art is definitely worth it. blahhhhh! *cause i will feel much better that way. >.< *


Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


  • wah..cute n yummy

  • dylan – yummy?! heh!

  • Look cute with polka dots
    Once a nvm la
    As long as it suits you =p

  • awww. cute cute ! just like tzia ! *wink*

  • wow. RM76 =X
    err did you ask why from RM55 become RM76? =/

  • Diabetes, diabetes, I’m getting diabetes just looking at it. It’s worth RM100.

  • yvonne – probably because, i haven’t been spending so much for quite awhile already. heh!

    freda – heh! sweet as you horr.

    tracy – she said she forgotten to count this and that lu. :)

    chester – awwwwww! really?! heh! thank you!

  • tzia.. ii love ur new hair style! =D cute enuff! <3

  • eileen – thank you sweetheart!

  • Only for the Manicure is expensive for tat design. Usually it’ll cost rm80 for both mani and pedi.

  • Jessy – ahhh! Really?! T.T

  • You should have blackmailed her – say that you’d bitch about her on your blog cause she lied to you, and force her to go bankrupt =D How’s dat sound?

  • audrey – wahhhh, no need do until like that ba. lol.

  • nice mani :) not sure if it’s worth that money but girls should be spoilt once in awhile anyway!

  • kay – that really makes me feel better! thank you kay!:)

  • nice polka dots! btw, which brand and colour contact lens are you wearing in this post? thanks! =)

  • sandy – thankiew! heh! i am using geo lens.

  • same here -___- i went for manicure and the lady told me its rm50..after that she charged me but i pay only cos quite nice -__-

  • Jy – wah, wtf, thanks God it’s nice! Heh!

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