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True White Ex Perfect Protector

Hi Lovelies.

I’ve been crazy busy! I am juggling multiple roles all at the same time.
No, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I actually like being busy.

This week, I had fun attending events, getting pampered by my amazing sponsors, pitching to potential clients & agencies, and many many more. I love being really productive.

However, one thing is missing; S L E E P.

It is indeed a busy, sleep-deprived week. It’s so bad that my skin got worst, I literally skipped all my skin care routine, including the very much needed – SUNBLOCK. All i want is that extra few precious minutes of “extra” sleep.

Not until I discovered the “ZA True White Ex Perfect Protector” that is made just right for all the busy ladies like us. It is a multi protector and water resistant sunscreen that cuts off 99% of UV while giving you the ultimate skin protection.

The importance of sunscreen cannot be understated, as it helps to remain healthy and always glowing skin.

However, we have always neglected the sun screen due to our hectic schedule. We got to look all good in 5mins time, and we would always choose to dab on our usual make up base or anything else that make our skin look less tired & brighter after staying up the whole night.

& that’s when ZA True White Ex Perfect Protector with SPF50+ came into rescue, not only it offers a powerful protection against UV rays and pollution. The best part would be, it also serves as a make up base, that gave us a all day smudge-proof make up; at the same time giving our skin the much needed moisture.

With this, I am allowed to snooze my alarm for another 10mins. Just a few dabs I am ready to go outdoor, looking all fabulous (I love how it protects my skin without the stickiness, awesome!). Haha.
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If you are interested to get more sleep (like me), you need to try out this TRUE WHITE EX PERFECT PROTECTOR. Not only it saves time, it’s going to save your skin too! Get it now!

Price: RM34.90
Availability: At most leading pharmacies and supermarkets. or; Get it HERE.
Main Functions: UV Cutting, Blocking, Moisturizing, Makeup Base Effect, Pollution defense, Oil Control and Whitening.

For more information, feel free to visit:
za website :

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