I have got two tix for ARTHUR’S DAY.
(yes, the one that had just passed)

I should have dolled up as black party chic.


& watching MizzNina performaning LIVE on stage..

…with the ever so smooth and milky Guinness Stout.

photo from last year’s Arthur’s Day.

I still remember how much fun I had that night!
& hey, looking at this photo, i started missing my long side fringe. hmmm.


but well, all these did not happened.

simply because i have my last paper on the next morning which is a SATURDAY!
if only UTAR is a lil tad better in those scheduling thingy. T.T

i don’t care, next year Arthurs i will be going for sure!


p.s. – this is just a rant post for that I didn’t make it to Arthur’s Day this year after reading others’ blog posts on Arthur’s Day. gahhhhh!


  • or perhaps… I should’ve studied my course in M’sia!

  • biopolymath – why?!

  • all the best for ur last paper. After that u can enjoy as much as u want haha.

  • chris – haha, my exam is over ady! last paper was on last saturday, that’s why i couldn’t make it for friday’s Arthurs. :(

  • haha ! nevermind !
    cause you are enjoying your sem break nowwwww :D

  • Freda- if only sem break started a lil earlier :(

  • I can’t attend so many events in M’sia b/c I studied elsewhere.

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