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Bangkok 3 (last)

Bangkok day 3, part 2 (last).
After Chatuchak, we proceed to Amphawa Floating Market.
(It’s bangkok 2nd most popular floating market, and the more “authentic” floating market and the more preferable one for the locals)

How to get there:
Take the Sky Train (BTS) to Victoria Monument Station, and then take a passenger van from Victory Monument ask for Samut Songkram or Amphawa. (There’s also bus that could reach amphawa directly, we took a bus back later on.)

Amphawa Floating Market is an evening floating market operated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to around 9pm.

We were all hungry, and basically starving when we reached, we decided to have a bowl of boat noodles which also known as the Guay teow rhua before we continue the journey. ( ˘▽˘)っ♨

The specialty of it is that the portion is really small, that some can finish up 4-5 bowls in one time.

colorful cotton candy spotted along the way. ♡

The market itself has more than 300 boats jutting out of the Mae Khlong river.

We are actually saving our stomach for the main draw of Amphawa Floating Market, which is the grilled seafood prepared on the wooden boats moored around the central bridge.

& we were all excited when we found it! O(≧∇≦)O

Visitors flocks to each side of the rive, sit on benches and enjoyed the freshly prepared seafood. How irresistable!

Anyhow, we decided to go for a boat trip first.

While waiting in the boat, these is the sight we have beside us, it’s totally chaotic. & it’s really impressive to see how they fit so many stuff into such small space, & yet able to cook and move flexibly from boat to boat. We were totally amazed.

First, let us take a selfie!
I was literally laughing out of joy in this photo, and later notice it isnt too nice, haha! (¬‿¬)

Waited for 20mins to have the boat filled before we start moving!

Daddy & Mummy.( ˘ ³˘)❤

The boat trips took us to visit a few temples around.
Nothing fancy, but time well spent with the family, camwhoring and joking around.

Got back to the floating market in the late evening.

Time to hunt for seafood! (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

We didnt want to dine on the real tiny table, instead we got a seat on the balcony of the restaurant next to the river with proper tables and chairs. We get to witness how the food is being cook and brought directly from the boat.


super fresh squid.

grilled fish.
despite the burned outlook, the sweetness of it’s flesh is irresistible.

grilled river prawns.
dip them in the garlicky sauce, & enjoy the instant goodness. (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Many thought that i only have a younger sister.
& now I shall introduce you, my brother, haha. (☞゚∀゚)☞

the super cheeky lil sister, with my parents.

Our dinner was satisfying. After filling up our stomach, we girls, decided to explore the floating market further. Passed by this thai sweet stall, and was so attracted by it’s beautiful packaging; then, we bought few packets of it.

Loving how the lights added extra charm, beautifying the whole atmosphere of the floating market.
I had always love lights, the city lights; & now i have a new found love, which is the reflective lights on the river. It’s beautiful. (♥ω♥*)

The guys (dad & brother) gave up in joining us exploring the market, they settled down at a small bar that serve really cheap beers.

#selfieagain. (dont mind me, *giggles) (⌒_⌒;)

Amphawa floating markets is also well known for it’s souvenir stalls.

You will be able to find all sort of unique cute little hand made souvenirs here with a very reasonable price. We got almost all our souvenirs here. (๑✧◡✧๑)

There’s a saying of “A visit to Thailand isn’t complete without a trip to a floating market“. & now, i conclude that my bangkok trip is completed. Head back to the hotel after that, the last bus is on 11pm, we departed on 10pm from amphawa, & it took us about 2 hours to reach the hotel.

These are some of the things we bought, pretty stuff with really good price too.

Guess, in Bangkok is all about food hunting and shopping.

Dad suggested that we should have supper nearby, since along the street of our hotel, there’s a lot of local food stalls. We stopped by one of the most crowded stall.

Singha beer.

Dried & fried pork, the very common beer treat.

ordered my fav. preserved egg papaya salad again, however, still prefer the one at Somtam I had earlier.

tomyam, the must have for every meal.

we call this the friend kangkung belacan, & this is what they call the fried morning glory.
for this, i still prefer the malaysian version.

steamed fish covered with garlic and green chili sauce. Heavenly, highly recommended.

After a rather satisfying meal, we decided to head for our last round of Thai massage before we leave bangkok the next morning.

Went ZEN Tara massage & spa which is also along the street of where we stay. This is the most decent looking one among all, and it’s always full. We are lucky enough to get our self a spot that night.

The place is clean, service is good, & we enjoyed the massage.

With this, I conclude my marvelous #bangkok trip.
If you ask me, I will definitely be back again! ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

Till then. Cheers! .。o♡

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