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Sunsilk Perfect Straight

Hair, always plays an important role in people’s overall appearance. For me, my hair affects my mood throughout the day. Oh yes, I am surely moody if I am having a bad hair day. That’s how much my hairstyle would affect me, and reason why I can never live without my dryer and styler. Because, I don’t wake up with naturally straight hair. T.T

Who wouldn’t want to wake up and instantly have beautiful straight untangled polished hair?

Truth is, looking into the mirror in the morning right after you wake up can be pretty challenging, because all you could see in the worst nightmare of hair ever.

I woke up to hair like this, MESS. Oh well.

I wish I could say this…

*current mood: emotionally frustrated…*

Okay, so, how to wake up to perfect straight hair (without using hair straightener). Out of my frustration, I experimented some wacky ideas, hoping to keep my hair straight all night long.

Experiment A.

What you need:
– two long rulers
– 2 rubber bands
– 3-4 hair clips

Pull your hair as straight as possible & then, tie the rulers on it. Hair clipped your hair to make sure it maintains its straightness.

Final look:

Experiment B:

What you need: ONE thick heavy book.

Instructions: Comb your hair straight on the bed, put the book on top of it. AND, do not move! You are not allow to turn your body, move your hands/legs, or breathe too much. Yes. Otherwise, result will not be guaranteed. *grinssss

However, experiment failed.

I still didn’t get the straight hair I die to have. Listen to me, DO NOT even bother trying all the above. Hahaha. *failed.jpg*

Just when I was about to give up, I came across this interesting product with a contest that showcase hair straightening! Yes, hair straightening. Sunsilk launched a new product range – Perfect Straight shampoo and Perfect Straight Conditioner that keeps your hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries.

What did I do? I immediately try it out!

Tadah, beautiful straight hair! I was, overjoyed. Now, I can have naturally straight hair with zero hassle (which means no hair straightener or any wacky ways needed)! *tears of joy*

If you would love wake up in beautiful straight hair, do check out *here* to find out more!


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