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Sunsilk Perfect Straight

“If there is one thing many girls can agree on, it’s that straight, smooth hair can make anyone feel beautiful and confident.” Very true.

Well, after exploring multiple wacky ways to beautifully straight hair, I was invited to Sunsilk Perfect Straight Hair media launch held at Aloft, KL.

#OOTD, purple dress to suit the theme. (:

Hello, long lost Cindy!

Cherriemun & Daphne, they always have the most beautiful hair! & I surely look like a giant beside this two petite size beauty!  *light, medium, dark hair color, hehe…  

BwincessNana! Candid also she looks so pretty!

We were basically nomming on carrot and cucumber non-stop before the event, best way to promote healthy hair, haha. The wonder mineral in cucumber & carrot makes your hair stronger and shinier!

Door opened! Sunsilk Perfect Straight Hair media launch officially started!

The whole place was decorated in elegant purple theme! Purple is such a beautiful magical color that it can stand on its own if you want to make it all purple!

Selfie time! Met this super cute young JessicaChaw there. She’s so adorable.

Sunsilk, introduced Perfect Straight in theatrical fashion with a mini-play to bring to life the proposition – achieving straight hair with just one wash. How many times we were forced to go out with frizzy hair just because we have no time to straighten our hair using flat irons or any other styling products that could possibly damage our hair in the process.

It’s all okay now, because Sunsilk Perfect Straight, that contains proprietary Straight Lock technology™ (yes, Sunsilk is the only brand using this technology) helps to keep hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries. We can now achieve beautifully straight hair without any styling product! Hoorayyy, it surely save heaps of hassle to have beautiful straight hair!

A hairstylist also demonstrated the noticeable difference that Sunsilk Perfect Straight makes by washing a model’s hair on stage. I was amazed! Like whuooa, you see the instant different just by washing your hair! Sunsilk Perfect Straight helps us to immortalize the ‘magic moment’ between wet and dry hair when it looks perfectly straight by locking in the straightness in each strand, allowing hair to stay straight as it dried.

Say goodbye to frizzy and loses its shape. With this, everyday would be a good hair day!

Dessert bar. Not only it looks super chio, it’s surely sastified my dessert crave too!

Such a sweet tooth, haha.

I then proceed to challenge myself with the ‘SunsilkBeautifully Straight Challenge’.

Lesson of the game: Drawing straight lines is harder than you thought, achieving a beautifully straight hair with Sunsilk is somewhat easier. Lol! 

Completed the game and it won me free samples!

Say cheez! #photoboothmoment

& I was photobombed!

Ashlee Ng, Personal Care Director, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd., shared, “Sunsilk understands how a girl’s hair can have an impact on what she feels – her self-esteem, comfort, even happiness. With Sunsilk Perfect Straight, we hope to empower girls and inspire them to enjoy life with the confidence that comes with beautiful, healthy hair. Sunsilk will take care of your hair so just let your hair down!

Thank you Sunsilk for being so thoughtful! Confident is definitely boost whenever it’s a good hair day. What’s better is that we can save all the hassle of styling our hair yet able to have beautifully straight hair!

Oh, & last but not least, good news for you girls!

Starting from 17 September 2014 to 28 October 2014, Sunsilk is calling on girls to take up the ‘SunsilkBeautifully Straight Challenge’ for a chance to win up to RM10,000 in total prizes.

To participate, simply:
1. Visit Sunsilk Malaysia’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SunsilkMalaysia) and click on the Sunsilk Perfect Straight app.
2. Draw as many straight lines as you can within 30 seconds.
3. Write the most creative slogan about Sunsilk Perfect Straight.

Every week, 10 lucky winners with the top scores and most creative slogans will each receive RM100 cash vouchers and Sunsilk products. The grand prize winner will enjoy a one night’s stay for two at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, RM300 shopping vouchers and Sunsilk products.


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