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So, I have been updating my DAYRE more than anything else.
Yes, definitely surpasses my updates on FB & Instagram.

DAYRE , is addictive.
& why am I so active in DAYRE now?

#1 I MISS BLOGGING about everything

I am currently cleaning up my blog’s categories and was literally reading through all my old post. & wow. I used to blog about E V E R Y T H I N G, so genuinely. I had fun reading back all my previous post. I am so glad that I actual blogged!

My blog is like a time machine to relive all the old memories again. How awesome.

However, I admit, I cut down blogging bit by bit, judging whether this and that is blog worthy. ):

Thank God for #Dayre.
I found my passion of story telling again! Hence, the massive updates (on everything). Hehe.


I shared about my daily #ootd (in detail).





It’s impossible to spam all these on my insta/blog. But, DAYRE, yes!


I am a perfectionist. & now that i am working full time, I took at least 2-3 day sitting in front of the laptop to prepare 1 well thought off blog post. And often because of that, I got dragged down by my old posts.

I got so much too tell, BUT so little time! T.T

DAYRE , helps me to tell stories on my iPhone! It’s micro-blogging!

I have said before, I think I have “short term memory lost”. I wouldn’t be able to remember what exactly happened.
With DAYRE . I can blog, instantly.

Eg. Mushy lines boyfriend said to me. ❤️


& there’s a lot of super chio stickers to help you express yourself better!!!!


#3 you will have STRONGER FRIENDSHIP

#Dayre reconnects me with my friends. I remember when I first started blogging during highschool, I have most of my friends doing it together with me. I enjoy reading about their life, I actually have a better understanding towards my friends through blog. Amazing, isn’t it?

But slowly, they dropped off due to work/studies. It’s hard to keep in touch with people today since we all have so much going on. Till, #Dayre appeared. To my surprised, a lot of my friends were already on #Dayre, & they are actually updating. WOW! we are actually keeping in touch now by reading the live life updates, and by leaving encouraging comments for each other.

Thank you, DAYRE

Then, #followme @ TZIAAA.


(p.s. – I am not going to neglect my blog, definitely not.
instead, TZIAAA.COM’s blog post will be more content base. What do you think?)

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