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Hello, lovelies. I am back, and will be blogging about the best of Goldcoast!!!
Ahhhh, I still couldn’t believe that I am even writing this post!

Big thanks to Tourism of Queenslandd for such generous and warm hospitality; and thank you #migme for this amazing opportunity! Of course, thank you citigal (weizhi) for opening this door for me! #muchlove

Alright, I hope that you enjoy my this series of blog posts of mine!
Do drop me a hola if you have any feedback & comments!


Address: 7 Staghorn Ave, Gold Coast QLD 4217, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5584 1200

Upon arrival, we were welcome by the gorgeous concierge ladies with bright smiles and refreshing iced lemonade! That instantly makes me feel better after my overnight flight! The hotel is so quirky, I am very much amazed by the beautiful artistic and bold decoration of the hotel lobby! New, modern, & all the good vibes!
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My room, with stunning Surfers Paradise view.

The room is very fresh, clean, and functional. There’s a private balcony, flat screen HD TV, bathroom (w/ bath tube), fantastic amenities, iPod dock, mini bar and funky decor. The hotel is thoughtful enough to provide complimentary internet, which is fast & reliable!

The bed, is definitely my favorite of all!

It’s HUGE, a little bouncy and squishy with clean sheets. Oh, and the fluffy pillows too!
So comfortable that I don’t even feel like going out!

If you are going to Gold Coast, you should stay with them! :D. Okay, it might seem that I raved too much about this hotel. But, believe me it is perfect for what it is, and I believe you will love it as much as I do!
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1) Get adventurous – Conquer the SKYPOINT Climb

Q1 Resort & Spa
Address: 9 Hamilton AvE, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Day climb: $69 for adults. $49 for children up to 15yrs.
Twilight Climb: $89 for adults. $69 for children.

This is one of the Gold Coast’s most famous exhilarating attraction and climb, that is going to worth every single cent you paid!
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Took the super fast elevator ride that took us up to 77th floor’s Skypoint viewing deck in about 42.7 seconds. Up here you are rewarded with the breath-taking uninterrupted 360 degree panoramic view of the Gold Coast, from the highest point of the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere.
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1 (5)

I took these photos through the glass: S P E C T A C U L A R
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1 (8)

Lunch before the climb, at Seventy7 Cafe & Bar.

Oh, I love these buffalo wings with the thick sweet sauce! It’s truly finger licking good, even better when we are enjoying these with such beautiful views.
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Done with lunch, ready to look for a thrill!

Moment of pride: I face my fear, & brave myself for this monstrous climb!

To be honest, I was really hesitating if I should proceed with the climb as I fear of heights.

But they told me, “you wouldn’t want to say you have been to GoldCoast without this climb, it’s a one in a life time experience.” & The instructor further assured us our specially designed full body harness could actually hold the weight of a few buses. Then, we were given proper instructions and briefed on the safety precautions. It indeed sounded really safe!

Okay, I will give it a try! I wish I do not faint half way through.” I quietly whispered to myself.

I regretted once I stepped out of the building (it’s 77th floor!), but I am grateful for our climb leader who is so experienced & friendly. He said, “I have a 90yo man came for this climb last week, and he’s coming back again.” He assured us again on how safe the climb is, and that we do not need to be worried as there are enough safety measures in place.

A few more steps later, I surprisingly became less tensed and instead felt very secured as I got used to it. It’s pretty unbelievable! I was soaked in the gorgeous views, while we were introduced to the city’s landmark along the journey. I don’t even want to leave!

I guess I finally understand what does it mean by feeling “ON TOP OF THE WORLD”, it’s amazing. Standing 260ft above sea level, enjoying the panoramic view of Surfers Paradise as far as eyes can see is indeed a once in a life time experience. I am so glad that I made it up there.

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2) Saturday Night Street Food at The Miami Marketta

Address: 23, Hillcrest Parade, Miami

“Every Saturday from 4pm-10pm, The Rabbit & Cocoon Arts Precinct play host to 25 street food stalls – serving up everything from Spanish, Italian, French & Thai cuisine – as well as boutique local wine & beer, a dessert hall & live music!”

The colorful hipster-ish setting caught my attention immediately! Every spot is insta-worthy. But I didn’t have time for photos, because I was too excited to explore the FOOD STALLS! Everything here looks really good, not an easy task to choose what to eat.
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All the great tasting food stalls!

Some of my favorite:

#1 The Hungry Hungarian
– cheese & lemon sauce classic lángos! This is absolutely the bomb! Crispy, chewy & flavorful! It’s like a more chewy version of donuts with cheese & lemon sauce topping! So simple yet so good, I am missing it already! T.T

(I was too busy gobbling, & totally forgotten to take a photo of it. Anyhoo, you’re welcome to google it – “classic lángos”)

#2 Steamed Dumpling
Dumplings to fix the Asian’s crave. Thin skin with juicy meat inside, not bad at all!
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#3 The Good Food Catering Co
Meat wrap, with a lot of cheese & sauces. Venice says this is superb.
The portion might look small, but it’s surprisingly filling! #mustorder
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#4 Yummo! Grilled Bratwurst
You will have no regrets feasting on this German Sausage!
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Food, is our best friend. Good food makes us happy.

Overall, Miami Marketta is a great happy place with a lot of excellent options with affordable price for everyone to enjoy! I would want to come back again!
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3) Glorious Breakfast at Bazaar, QT Hotel

The night before, we were told by DEE from the Tourism of Queensland that the breakfast buffet at Bazaar, QT Hotel is unbeatable; We will not want to missed it!

QT Gold Coast’s Bazaar ‘Interactive Marketplace’ was recently voted ‘Best Hotel Breakfast in 2014’ in the Gourmet Traveller Awards.
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In the morning, we were greeted by the friendly stuff, and instantly amazed with “WOW” the moment we stepped in, I have never seen any breakfast that look as good before! Complete hands down to the best breakfast buffet I have ever been. This place is like a magical bazaar that you can get almost everything you wish to have!

Look at the pastries & the generous varieties of healthy cereals.
And, those glass bottles of freshly squeezed juice, smoothies and fresh milk!
2 (2)

& damm, those overnight muesli with yogurt in jars!

I love my breakfast light & clean, and BAZAAR has a delicious selection of full englis, asian choices and much more. The fruit & salad bar is also to die for. spot my favorite kiwi & passion fruit!
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It definitely didn’t just end there, if you like hot food, there will be a chef working at the live food stations to satisfy you crave for the bacons, eggs (poached, scrambled, benedicy just as you like them), smoky grilled bacon, etc.
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All happiness depends on a good breakfast!
Random fact: Eating breakfast will help you to burn 5 to 20 percent more calories throughout the day. Do it girls!
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4) Stretch yourself on the Beach

Took a stroll from QT Hotel to the Esplanade, we are going to do Yoga on the beach, as a nod to International Yoga Day 2015.

Gold Coast is a amazing place to do yoga by the beach. It’s winter time (about 19°C), but the sun is keeping us warm & comfortable. Honestly, as a Malaysian, I have never love sun this much.
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Private outdoor yoga class with Michelle Merrified, from Essence Living on the grassland.

It’s there any better way to start your day with rejuvenating beach front yoga? I doubt so.
Void the daily noise, and meditating to the sound of the waves. Stretching and breathing never felt so good, life is almost perfect this moment!
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My beautiful Yoga instructor who even does head & foot massage for us at the end of the class.
I would definitely miss this wonderful session with her!

Good thing is, we can practice anytime anywhere now with Michelle Merrified on YouTube. Check it out! :D
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Oh, I finally learn how to plank correctly!
Check out this video to watch our planking challenge.

5) Shop at the Goldcoast Best Boutique Market, The Village Market (TVM)

Address: Burleigh Heads State School, Lower Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads.

Hit the arts & craft markets, The Village Markets, which is the original & best boutique creative market on the Gold Coast, showcasing up to 100 fashion, arts & creative stalls as well as love local music, & delicious gourmet food!

“Founded in October 2008, the aim of TVM is to create a platform for talented emerging designers, creatives and vintage collectors to showcase their wares, as well as providing a much needed regular cultural event for the region.”
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TVM now firmly marked as a #MUSTGO market. For the local’s, this is their secret market, where they get their treasure hunt fixed! Aside of the dainty jewelry, and hipster fashion pieces that this market has to offer, we are very much in love with the atmosphere & community. The whole place is filled with funky fashionista!
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The local would just laze around the freshly cut grass, enjoying the morning sun while listening to the live band, & sipping on their coffee – & that pretty much described a Perfect Sunday.
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6) Eat at Commune Cafe – Everyone says they have the best breakfast menu

We took a short 10 minutues stroll to the Commune Cafe for lunch!
Gold coast is a wonderful place to, walk. I really enjoy the chilled air, and the blue sky.
2 (15)

The hidden gem – Commune Cafe

Address: 1844, Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads, QLD
Phone: +60 7 5520 3377

This cafe is run by locals who have a passion for environment (they even have environmentally friendly tips written all over the restaurant) & local artist. Serving an all-day breakfast menu incorporating fresh organic ingredients! Health game strong!

Spot the cute DIY water station.
3 (1)

Everyone here is extremely friendly, we were greeted with big warm smile!
I am immediately attracted to colorful & good vibe!
3 (3)

Commune is a vintage themed cafe, each table is different & the whole place is decorated with colorful vintage art poster. This splash of color made the whole place pop. Very insta-worthy! Haha!
3 (5)

We chose a sit on the outdoor. As much as we love the whirr of the coffee machine inside, we still prefer to enjoy the cold breeze & morning sun in Goldcoast.
3 (6)

L A T T E. rich, creamy & smooth.
I have absolutely no complain on this, very decent!
3 (7)

I had my usual Eggs Bene with Salmon on crusty bread.

It’s beautiful, and didn’t run low in term of quality of taste.
However, the portion isn’t big, just good for me though. I am very satisfied.
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7) Take a Stroll at Burleigh Heads Gold Coast

I couldn’t get enough of this fluffy white clouds, blue sea and sky with one seam, and the golden sands!
3 (11)

Surfers Paradise is a tourist spot, where Burleigh Heads is more of a local spot. It is as beautiful as the Surfers Paradise, but quieter conditions, parklands with walking paths, and shaded picnic areas. It is also an ideal spot for swimming or surfing as it is fully patrolled all year around.
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This photo says it all. This place spells S E R E N I T Y.

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To be continue…

Disclaimer: I traveled to Gold Coast as a guest of The Queensland Tourism Board with complimentary air tickets and hotel accommodation. No monetary benefits are involved.

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