Since I will be going to UTAR, and you highness, me, don’t own a car, bicycle became a must.
so yea, i got my very own pink bicycle last weekend.

yes, i wanted something like this.
it’s like, oh-so-pretty. i want! ugh.

went to the bike’s shop, and told the shop keeper I want a pink bike. and yes, he showed me the children’s bike. how great? no? I then told him that I will be the one cycling.

He showed me a pink bicycle, and I got a lil excited.
but wait a minute, that pink is not like the one above, it’s something like those lala pink.

In the end, i got a white bicycle instead.

well, I always thought bicycle cost only maybe a hundred. *slap me*
but no, mine cost half a thousand.

with basket some more. IMBA.

I am feeling this, somehow. woohoo.

Okay, now I will have to cycle to class everyday, which means, I will not be able to wear whatever I like anymore.

Oh yea, talking bout this. A friend of me warned me to dressed up extra decently when I am in Kampar, otherwise people will be bitching about me. He hint me not to dress up like the way I usually do.
I talk bout it with my friends who are studying in subang area, and they were shocked. Why? because among my friends, I was kinda under dressed when comes to the way we dressed up for class. ugh.

gosh, just pray that things will be  just fine.

& click here, yes, people ride prettily.

cycling with dress/skirts?
awesome, with safety pants perhaps. =)

p.s. – got to brush up my riding skill a lil, it has been years since i last cycle.

p.p.s. – I will be going to Kampar this weekend. yes.

tuning to lady gaga’s eh eh.


  • nooo. get a car better! dont cycle! nowadays society is not good already girl.
    it’s not safe to cycle to college everyday, some more you are a good looking one.
    who knows what will happen @.@

  • yeah nice to have a bike…. why not get a motorcycle instead? XDXXDXDXD

  • huh? wear how oso nid c wat others think? =.=
    i think wear normal can ad lar..ignore those people lar

  • good luck for ur uni life!

  • Wee… Cycling is good..
    But Kampar always rain..
    Before this I also cycle to Uni, but for most evening I couldn’t back home earlier due to rain and super hot weather in the afternoon…and tiring too..
    Now I am taking UTAR bus.. LOL

  • see u in kampar..

  • aiyo ~!!
    so expensive duh ~!!
    i also thought it was hundred somethinG only ~! T.T
    no need to buy bike lar ~!!
    sure Got ppl fetch one ~! ^.^
    my house Got one also never use dy ~! >,<

  • i remember getting a bike so that i could ride for college classes but ended up riding it for <20 times… and its a total waste of money for me… haha, i’m sure you could take much better care of your bike and use it efficiently

  • Remember to “Drive” safe :)
    Anyway, thanks for your support!

  • Nice bike, gotta be careful around dogs and hamsaplous. XD

  • Just give me a call and I will arrive at your door step to pick you up. Leng lui, I wanna fetch. Haha!

  • Hmm….
    There is bicycle in Kampar that you can purchase your bike so you don’t need to carry one from KL to Kampar -.-” LOL!
    Is nice reading your blog. I’ve been following up for quite sometimes.
    Anyway, you riding a bike to school? That must be odd… Don’t mind me laughing. I just couldn’t stop lauging after I read.
    So enjoy yourself this weekend.
    You won’t find that Kampar is a nice place to hang out and most probably be travelling back to KL as often as possible like I do.
    So, have fun and take care. See ya.

  • yeah~ they are all very underdress in kampar if were to compare to students in kl.
    so… dress right maybe?~
    good luck~

  • woah bicycle!not lots people willing use bicycle isnt it:0

    ur awesome:)

    but u gotta be careful as well


  • bike? nice weii..
    but i suggest u have car better la..
    nowadays weather to HOT d..
    take care ya…

  • jiashin – touch wood, touch wood. things will be just fine, I still want to go swimming with you. =)

    huan – takda license.

    destiny – i am new there, i don’t want something bad to happen. =)

    ahboy – thanks!

    xiaopei – then, let’s prey there’s people that’s nice enough to fetch me to class. =)

    chrono – lol. aite, see you.

    ~g~ – what happened if no people want to give me a ride there, =( so, yea.

    cindykhor – omg, are you serious? haha, hopefully.

    tianchad – you are welcome, drive safe somemore? ugh. lol.

    will – don’t scare me please. ish.

    mike – u will be at pj la. hmmm.

    wendick – i bought it already, so it’s okay. =) anyway, yea, I know kampar will definitely not be as fun as where i am now. I might need quite sometime to get used to it. hmm, and yea, I will be coming back very often. as often as possible. =)

    stella – kinda, not only kampar, it’s the same in pj though. guess, because it’s UTAR. lol. well, yea, you are right, dress right, perhaps.

    caihong – you will see lots of scars on my legs soon. =)

    ernst – lol. what are you referring to? i will miss you too!

    rukiii – haha. no car. =( sigh.

  • You will look so cute riding a bicycle!
    Thanks for mentioning RidingPretty. Can we trade links? I’d love to do a post with a picture of you on a bicycle.

  • pinky bike turns into a white bike ya. but anyhow, enjoy your riding trip to school. Don’t turn too dark yea…hehez..

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