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first of all, I wish I am back at subang, back at my home sweet home right now desperately.
kampar, i guess, i will still need quite awhile to get use with the unique lifestyle over here. ugh.

first day @ kampar :

daddy mummy together with brother and sister accompanied me down to kampar.
i will be staying at oxford, so yea, i need to go through some troublesome procedure to get my room key.

my jaw dropped when I see the crowd.
it took us 2 hours to get my house key. gosh!

Right after that, my family went to Kampar hotel to have their lunch while I go straight to my room to unpack my stuff.

the house where I am staying now, Oxford house,
a three storey terrace house.

There’s a living room with dining table, tv and refrigerator each floor.

I brought three big luggage of clothes,10 pairs of foot wear, few boxes of accessories/makeup, and another many few boxes of other stuff. the 1st reaction i got is… WUOAH, YOU SHIFT HOUSE AH?!

small part of my things.

ivan being really kind.

Then, headed to the one and only one shopping mall hypermarket over there with my parents,

headed to bicycle shop later on,

&, deng deng deng deng……

my dad got me a new baby pink bicycle!

pretty, yes. =)

wondering where’s my new old white color bicycle? it’s now belongs to my brother. =)

& these are those bicycles belong to my housemate.

Daddy mummy waited till I settle down only they leave. & hell, it’s really tears jerking when I see them leaving. still, I did not cry. yea.

cut the emo-ness,
here is my pink bed sheet with my piggie that had accompanied me for years.

mini wardrobe.

bottoms, pyjamas, & lingerie.

mine, and my roommate, emily’s.

Did not sleep well on the 1st night, the terrible weather is killing me. Emily & I jumped up from bed on 3 in the morning to shower. it’s so hot, it’s almost impossible to sleep. But hell, it has been a tiring day.

we finally fall asleep on about 5 in the morning.

Second day @ Kampar, which is also the 1st day of orientation.
I keep the “dressed up decently” thingy in mind, and dressed up as decent as possible.

my one and only long jeans.

oh yea, did i mention that my parents got me a big mirror. =) yea.

I cycled to campus, it’s just 3 mins driving distance, but it took me about 10 minutes to reach there. & thanks to the very good weather, I sweat like as if I was under the rain. ugh.

Did not want to cycle back, and I am lucky enough to have Ivan cycle me home.

ok, I have mirror in my room, and I have nothing better to do. so…

I camwhore.

mascara, my new love.

i like this photo, because my eyes look huge here, wee!

cycled to the office to complain, as my room internet is not working. which explains why my blog is dead this few days, even now, my line is still not stable yet. ugh!

took a short nap then I went out with my long lost secondary schoolmate, kahho for a drink.
It’s so hot, so I changed into a chilling dress.

& when kahho saw me. he said:” you don’t need to dress up this way in Kampar. People is so going to gossips bout you.” I stone for a moment, and realize I am no longer in Subang. sigh.

later on at night, we cycled out.

& guess where we went?

yes, lok lok!

good, now I crave for LOK LOK  even when I am in Kampar. thanks, Adele.

& on my second day in kampar, I cried when I thought of my family.
yea, the pampered princess need to be independent all in a sudden. how hard.

Thanks to my housemate, that tried hard to put the smile back on my face. =)

Third day @ Kampar,

let me officially introduce you my roommate, a girl who is as vain as I am.


Since it was a cooling night last night, both of us had a really good sleep.
and by the time we wake up, it’s already 2 in the afternoon. yea.

Bath, which both of us each takes up 1 hour, which also means by the time we finish bathing it’s already four something. Got our self change and I brought emily out using my pink bicycle.

west lake view in the evening.


& yours truly.

this is when the sky starting to get darker.

& when the lights are on,

it’s indeed a beautiful scenery.

loitered around the lake for awhile, then I cycle emily to Gharni Corner for dinner.

as above, we wore a plain spaghetti top and a shorts.

a guy from the table next to us came ask us whether we are hitting the club, he said we dressed up so nicely. we stoned. mind you we are sweating crazily that time. yea.

nasi lemak + limau ice = rm2.80

After dinner, went for basketball toogether with housemates.

Then, went out with Andy.

lake side scenery at night. look at the crowd.

chill at the side of the lake, and had a nice chat.

i am really shocked when I am told that I shouldn’t bring my bag out during yumcha or whatsoever.
Isn’t that a must for all girls? where am i suppose to put my camera and stuff if i don’t bring my bag out?

There’s so many unnecessary “do not do” in kampar.

we have to obey, still, to avoid gossips, they say. I got a little stressed up because of it.
& that’s when I started to miss the place I am from A LOT. ugh.

after meeting up with him, I went mahjong session with another bunch of friends.

reach home in the morning, and sleep till 3 in the afternoon.

all my housemates wake up late today because they waited for me, and as expected, I got screw up nicely by them. lol.

In kampar, there’s quite a few restaurant that offer delivery service.
& we had our lunch delivered to our doorstep.

honey ginseng tea + pineapple sausage fried rice = rm5.50
the price is much more cheaper than subang, but ugh, the taste is much disappointing.

what’s for dinner?

fried eggs?

instead of the girls.

guys did the cooking job. =) awesome.

that’s all for now.



  • awww, tht’s really sweet of your family anyway. big mirror and pink bicyle! bicycle seems like a must have in kampar!

  • hey tzia, how’s life in kampar? good? hope u’re doing good and fine there… how’s studies and everything? guess everything will be fine n smooth for ya…anyway a small compliment here…nice pictures for all your photoshoot =)… stay pretty and happy always
    take care

  • heh, my fren took alot of photos from kampar for me to “yan siong” b4. really not bad.
    hmm, ya its not gud to bring bag as u’ll never noe whether there are robbers or snatchers lurking or not, so better b more careful

  • LOL~ nice kampar life.. hahaha..
    cycle to everywhere..
    exercise ma.. good good.. ^^
    later on, u will get use wit the life at kampar geh la.. just a beginning..

  • I would prefer to study at the outskirts. If in the city centre, there isn’t any real campus. No football, tennis etcetc courts. Very saddening :(

    And so funny 3 guys frying eggs haha. Saling tolong menolong

  • wow. u live beside my house in oxford? i can recognize that car number plate if i’m not mistaken. lol. can’t believe that i’m reading your blog next to you now. haha! and btw, why can’t bring handbags out at nite? and what are the many unnecessary “do not do” in kampar? i’m new here too. lol!

  • ur pig is cute. seems like life in kampar isnt that bad after all, ur enjoying it :p

  • Wow… Welcome to Kampar.
    Looks like you went through the whole Kampar so quickly. Which means you will get bored very soon as well. LOL!
    True true.
    Sadly for me, my new time tables are bind with Saturday class which also means I do not get to go back to KL on weekends again. I hope your timetable for new semester don’t have Saturday class.
    Well, regarding the ‘do not do’ terms. I am not worrying much about it. Cause I bet most of the girls are doing it and most probably you will be seeing in a few more days time.
    So, welcome all the ‘gossip girls’. LOL!
    Not to mention, I think if a lot of UTARian is reading your blog. You will soon turn to ‘gossip girl’ very soon. Faster than you say “What!??” I think you can skip the ‘do not do’ part when you found out about you’re in ‘gossip girl’ whether directly or indirectly. Hahaha~
    Anyway, once again. A walm welcome to a city girl like you. You might find that Kampar is a “BORING” place (Which I bet every of the students and lecturers felt the same way from day one until now including me of course).
    Best of luck and enjoy the staying at Kampar.

  • gambateh ya^^
    emily n tzia…

  • wow…you know, i do get stares once in a while when i think those ‘attires’ are just leisure outfits!(when i come back to ipoh hometown, near the city centre summore=_=”’)and the handbag thingy..aww…..i didnt care about it though, i mean, that’s me…..i mean, it’s just being proper and polite in image=_=”’ (im not stripping aint i?nor am i revealing too much) argh…..
    and i totally cant bliv that going to club means the short and spagh strap =_=””””’

  • kampar hav some security problem recently.. no handbag means no snatch theft.. u can bring handbag of cos.. but for safety reason, better dun..

  • Oh… you’d moved to Kampar… I see!
    Good luck and hope you might be able to stable your life at Kampar…

  • hey.. which house number you’re staying ;) I’m at Tsing Hua ^^

  • hey girl, been reading you blog for months now under low profile…
    Since you are finally only like half an hour away from me now, I thought I would drop you a note.

    Think of the bright side, Ipoh is just like half an hours drive away. Get to know people who has cars, as they are most probably from Ipoh and travel here alot. Though Ipoh is also nothing compared to KL, at least they have clubs and also a few malls here?(2 to be exact). If you do drop by, give me a holla. will bring you to eat Ipoh’s famous delicacies. Hehe…

    Kampar is not that nightmare i believe, though I have no studied there before. I know it is kind of a dead city but try thinking of this, Tesco was only built a few months ago. Imagine you having arrived there without even a Tesco to go to! LOL. I think you should dress up like how you would like to, as they don’t control your life. You should stay pretty as that’s what a girl does. Its true though that Kampar and Ipoh people are more to the natural look, without much make up and grooming. But then again, I don;t think they will gossip about you. Even if they do, I guess you will know then that those are the people who are JEALOUS and ENVIOUS! LOL… Til then, take care…

    And did I mention? Streamyx around our area sux big time! LOL

  • and oh yeah, about the bags part, don’t worry about it. Ipoh and Kampar is definitely safer compared to KL. HAHA… Bringing a bigger bag is better to my experience…

  • wat the hell man? lol , you wear so simple , ppl tot your going to clubbing =.-llllll do kampar humans all dress very sloppy?! lol

  • hahaha! the last photo very funny… remind me about one of my friend’s housemate… he dun wear shirt at home wan.. half nude like them… in kitchen oso nude… hahaha… i always ask him, no baju pakai ka… i go pasar mlm buy 1 for u la… hahahaa!!

  • cute bicycle you got there. anyway i think you’re doing quite okay in kampar. best of luck to you anyway. cheers~

  • heyy tziaaa~ it’s been awhile ^^… neway hav fun in kampar hahaha.. feel the HOTNESS of perak wei, i myself dying kat ipoh XD

  • You’re so fortunate, the first time I went down to KL to study. I just had a bag of luggage with me only. Nothing else… =(

  • hey! i love your camwhore pictures! may i know what brand contact are you using?

  • Omg i miss going to Gharni Corner >.< try their roti KLCC there xD

  • Thanks for writing, I truly liked your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you obviously have talent for blogging!

  • gosh why do ppl wanna gossip if they see girls not dressing ‘decently’. If it were me, I wouldn’t care what ppl say. As long as we know how to carry ourselves and have good grades, what does wearing improper clothes matter at all? If it is a rule in ur uni not to wear like that then maybe yea..but going out to eat also wanna say..that’s too shallow minded..

    Anyway, your house looks great though..definitely better than the houses near my uni =)

  • ooo, I’m going to KL to study soon, all the best for all the students lolz

  • Hey Tzia Tzia.
    You look like you’re gonna have one heck of an adventure at Kampar!

    Stay strong, girl.
    You’ll make it through.

    P.s: I noticed that Emily was wearing white top-pink shorts while you were pink top=white shorts.
    I find that funny, somehow.



  • who’s the guy in the last photo who had his foot on the kitchen counter?
    and any half decent person wouldn’t cook half naked. its hygiene. did you actually eat what they cooked? i hope it was out of necessity. ughh.. even the thought of it makes me want to throw up.

  • hihi…came across this blog…a nice one…

  • Nice new site.
    how can you not link me! =(
    See you around.


  • haha…
    kampar is like that geh la…
    myself also run far far away from ipoh to kl…
    btw last saturday i saw u at ghany mamak ler…
    around 3-5am like that
    nxt table onli…

  • weiii – yea, definitely a must have if you don’t own a car. =)

    alvin – well, so far so good. thanks yea.=)

    destiny – but, if i hold those in my hands, lagi easy kena rob. no? lol.

    teriyaki – I started to put my bike aside already. lol.

    wayeyoung – i have to admit that it’s really peaceful over here.

    steven – hey neighbor, do say hie next time, alright?

    deadeye – haha, i still prefer subang, LMAO.

    tanwendick – no choice, i m way too bored, which indirectly urge me to explore more things in such short time. lol. hmm, utarian read my blog? you mean those in PJ? lol. & thanks for your comment.

    deane debo – thanks friend!

    vivienne – exactly! i feel you! lol.

    4 – but, if i hold those in my hands, lagi easy kena rob. no? lol.

    dsvt – yea. thanks yea.

    xiaopei – i m staying at oxford 1219. =)

    susan – thanks for your comment. really appreciated. yea, streamyx here sux big times. ugh!!

    fibie – well, no idea. lol.

    TA – guys always love to be half naked uh.

    june – yea, hopefully I will. thanks in advance.

    taugeboy – true enough, the HOTNESS. uhhh.

    isaac wong – i am a girl mar. lol.

    lily – thanks. i m using geo lens.

    honkitt – sure cannot finish lo. haha.

    my amazing weight lost story – thanks. I am glad that you like it. =)

    sarah – i totally agree with you. well, my house, outside looks better than the inside. lol.

    TJ – thanks. =)

    lijane – we did that in purpose. and girl, i miss you. =)

    luke – well, they are kind enough though.

    kc – thanks!!

    missycheerio – link you up soon. =)

    karchun – you serious? why didn’t say hie?

  • HAHAHA… tzia… but you didnt call me out leh in Ipoh… sadz…
    Well, tolerate a bit loh… wat to do… You can come down ipoh anytime… you can use my streamyx if you need too… HEHE… I think my family dun mind you staying here gua… Wah… I seem a bit like kua jeong rite… say like wana kidnap you only.. LOL… anywayz… wat i wanna say is you welcomed to drop by anytime.

  • Hi, I think i am the stranger among of them, but i very happy to see your your blog and all your daily life picture.. My name Robin, i dun hav any meaning, i jus wish to be fren of yours, and also can take some part inside ur blog.. Anyway, hope u won mind to fren wif me..

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  • Emo Girl is the best emo blog on earth!

  • Hye bebe,did u still stay here?im from kampar olso;)

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