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Weekend Gateaway

So, it has been awhile.

I have been so busy, so swamped with work. But I shouldn’t complain, because that’s what I asked for. I believe that being busy means I am using my time wisely. I want to be productive, my focus is to get things done. & to me, if you are busy, you are a step nearer to a better life.

True enough, it’s very exhausting to live on such a hectic lifestyle. But, it gave me hope that it’s all these hard work that someday I could finally slow down & be free.

However, from time to time, I gave myself space to do the things I enjoy doing with no agendas.
I went for a extremely spontaneous weekend gateaway @ Lexis Water Chalet some time ago .
grand lexis (1)

This is definitely not a proper travel post. (don’t say I didnt tell yea!) Because, I literally disconnected my mind, left my phone & camera aside; I was in a 100% relaxed mode. I just want to do nothing at all.

Well, there’s still a few good portrait photos of mine taken by my amazing personal photographers, MK.
grand lexis (2)

When the sun goes down, we went for a dip to rewind.
Have been longing for this, could I stay here for a little longer?
grand lexis (3)

With MK. That night, we had the whole pool room to ourselves. I loved the serenity of the poolroom when it was empty. Very peaceful, very chilling, we certainly enjoyed our night in the pool.
grand lexis (4)

Thank you, Esten for inviting us.
grand lexis (5)

Night view of the water chalet while walking back to my room after dinner.

We had our dinner at a chinese restaurant nearby, & spent the rest of our night in the over water air conditioned chalet. The room is clean, spacious and comfy; I love the solid glass floor-paneling for seawater view in the middle of the room. I heard it’s very affordable too, definitely make it a even better choice for a weekend getaway.

Well, most of the time, I was just sitting at the balcony, enjoying whole view of the sea and the sky all for myself while listening to my fav. playlist. Though it’s just PD, but it’s good enough to transport you away from the hustle and bustle of KL city.
grand lexis (6)

Had a really good uninterrupted sleep, & woke up to the sea view. I was thinking, wishing & hoping. Then, I decided to do my morning prayers; & yes, I had my best times with the Lord Father. Such a blessed morning!
grand lexis (7)

I have been so engrossed with crossing items off my bucket list, because it feels so freaking good. I crave for the accomplishment feeling when I get everything checked off my to-do lists.

However, once in awhile, a little weekend getaway like this is all we need to recharge & refocus. We simply need to pull away from the monotonous rhythm of life, & look out for new inspirations.
grand lexis (8)

Ended our trip with extremely delicious BBQ crab @ Seremban Seafood Village (芙蓉烧蟹海鲜村).

Baked Crab, coated with the thick sweet BBQ sauce, accompanied with a bowlful of sweet-sour chilli dip. It’s finger licking good, literally satisfied our taste buds with every licks. It’s orgasmic. Nonetheless, the crab is sweet and meaty. Oh my, I am still craving for it!

grand lexis (9)

Overall, the trip was nothing short of amazing.
Now, I am back to work & got to work harder for my next getaway!

Till then! (:

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