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kampar pasar malam

love me, hold me tight, & never leave me.
I don’t wish to fall into dismay again.

I dislike wednesday because I have class starting from 9.30 in the morning it 8.30 at night. total 4.5 hours of tutorial classes, and one 3 hour lecture class. crazy.

what I did to keep myself awake is by going to the washroom from time to time.
i have to admit that the kampar campus’s washroom is way better than the PJ campus.

I never like to step into the PJ campus PE block washroom, but the washroom here is surprisingly comfortable. yea, wtf I know. well, like many others, I have toilet wetness intolerance. so yea.

The best part is that, I could actually camwhore in the campus’s washroom.

thanks to the blur-free big mirror in the washroom. *winks*

which allows me to camwhore like nobody else business. how great?

still, it’s never fun camwhoring alone.

& so, I thought of asking the lenglui from my class, Melanie to join me since she was in the washroom too.

while she is pee-ing/shitting inside, I yelled from outside.

” mel mel… can you come out now??!!!” I shouted.

” oh sure, why?! ” she replied.

” faster, faster, faster!!!! ” I sounded as if I am getting really  impatient.

” omg, what happened? ” she was a lil shocked.  *I bet she thought what had just happened to me. lol.

she ran out and saw me camwhoring. I guess I could actually see a BIG SWT on her face.

the pretty melanie hwa.

Lecturer let us off earlier that day. Kelvin and Reid then came and fetch me out for dinner.
guess they heard me complaning that there is not nice food in kampar, and so they say they will be bringing me to a restaurant which serve finger licking good food.

Restaurant Lim Kee, nearby Kampar KTAR.

chocolate milk shake, rm2.80.

my salad fish and chip rice, RM5.20.

& yea, it tastes really good! at least, way better than what I had in the past one week. ugh.

definitely worth trying.

Pasar malam after dinner.

which is also the 1st time I go to a PROPER pasar malam, yea.

for a pasar malam noob like me, I find the pasar malam in kampar to be pretty interesting.

as it’s so much more better than the one in subang.

the guys.

supposed to fake a candid, which somehow turns into a real candid.

thanks, reid.

bought jagung there, & left to west lake. =)

the crowd beside west lake. curious of what those people looking at?

just, some cars with fancy lighting or whatsoever, blasting music over there.

I find it kinda annoying as it spoil the whole atmosphere there.ugh, no offense, but yea.

guess, I prefer Kin’s civic much much more than all these.

There’s still quite some things to be explore in Perak, perhaps.

last but not least, to this particular commentator who tried so hard to insult,
I am sorry to say, but yea, you are just making fool of yourself.

*click to enlarge, and look at the IP address*



  • wahahaha really swt lor
    ask people out as if something bad happened and turned out its a camwhoring session XD

  • help me say hi to Melanie… :D
    hope she remembers me…

  • Kampar kampar…lai come taiping…

  • but i do think those cars look pretty pretty with all the illuminating lights. now i miss going to college, haiz, shoulda treasure study life more (i sounded like i’m so old or something).

  • always go out to eat something like the fish rice ok…no maggi ok :)

  • Haha.the ppl really stupid, changed nick so many time just to say something without knowing that the IP add were actually showed there.
    LOL, btw, i like your outfit ! where you buy it ? =)

  • haha, “prefer Kin’s Civic more than these”
    PSYCHO!!! Lollol lol!!!!

    Yer lala TZIA TZIA! hahaha, jokes lar dear. You know what I mean right, lol.

  • o.O!! I already knew is from the same person all along..
    Just look at the time -.-?
    Insulting straight one line method?
    Don’t even dare to use his real name.. So forget it..

    Anyway, w00t.. Seems like you’re enjoying Kampar very much.
    Yeah that restaurant sells chops that are nice at a reasonable price.
    Glad you enjoyed (^^)

  • tsk tsk …..i kena before also…..they just have nothing better to do…..craves for attention really…..i mean, self-reply somemore =_=””’

  • Lolz =_=~

    1st time go to a proper pasar malam =_=~really boom tio me =_=~

    anyway~just now go and take a look at ur last time december 2006 d post, and compare the photo at that time to nowadays d u~change soooo much sia~last time looks cute~now……

    mature and pretty lar hahaha~

    anyway stay happy and healthy always~

    take care~

  • lol there got lala cars also
    its so damn ulu..

  • Hey, nice post, really well written. You should post more about this.

  • That car looked so cool~

  • Sorry… But salad fish and chips still don’t sound right to me… I’m sick with British food. Anyway, as long as you like it. :D

    One thing I miss about Pasar Malam is that they have performances. People selling all sort of medicine which can heal anything including cancer… And they’ll perform stunts… you know… :D

  • how come i didn’t know got those weirdo kind of cars blasting music in kampar?

  • Kelvin…. izit Kelvin Wye???? by the way tat car look too over… no offense… hehe

  • hI hIzz!!

    I iS a love ur sHirtzzzz C@n I is noeing Wh3r3 u is Livvingzzz in K@mP@rzz??

    I is a from sub@ngzz too ^_^**

    i too is GO K@mP@rzz s0onzzz!

    h0p3 us @m b3 Fr3nzzzz

    **%^paigz mi@0 Mi@o^%** ^___^v…

  • kampar is the best place lar so far if without those ‘lala car’and with mcdonald around ere! lolz!!…we often see waja-lution around KL…but here damn special…got wira-X wan! hahahaha!!

  • May i know where did u get ur blogskin?
    or any recommended blogskin website?

  • abit over for the modify car ler..
    lolxx..lifeless ppl just diff ID to talk..

  • jian aka miao – yea, that’s why she gave me the swt face. lol.

    yeewei – said, and she remembers you. =)

    kc – why taiping? lol. =)

    cindy khor – haha. I don’t really like it though, I guess it’s a lil over, anyway, haha. how old can you be la? lol.

    guest – thanks for your concern, I will. =)

    freda – haha. yes, they are way to bored I supposed, anyway, I got it from my first time there and I am delighted cause it’s really cheap. the top costs me only RM25.

    ADELE – haha, psycho, when can i see you, my dear?

    tanwendick – haha, yea, poor thing. eh eh, you from Kampar too.

    vivienne – this is what people call syok sendiri. lol.

    xeon- haha, really marr. walao. thanks for your compliment worr. lol.

    destiny – no comment. haha.

    I Make Thousands of Dollars a Month Posting Links on Google from Home – thanks!!

    dsvt – oh. you like it?

    kevin – lol. well, we are just different, that’s all. =) oh yea, I saw i saw, but it’s so crowded, and so, I didn’t go nearer to have a look.

    karchun – go westlake everyday, sure one day you will see these cars.

    ivan hui – his name is kelvin soo. lol. haha, i feel the same too.

    paigz – haha, let me know when you are in kampar, k?

    kh – kahho, i still love KL.

    Chermaine – i m really sorry that i have forgotten.

    Ruki – haha. agree agree.

  • Yeah I am in Kampar….
    HAHAHA! Stuck in UTAR same as you…. Staying westlake too -.-”
    So basically… Small world it is..

  • what’s wrong with you?you dun have the qualification to mention anything with the sound system car.. You juz came here for few months, ppl play sound system for more than 3 years, stay her for 20-30 years.. if u dun like u can balik kampung

    People dun like u put their car photo in ur blog.. they know who r u and also know where u stay… It’s very disturbing to put those photo in ur blog…it just like doing something annoying..!!!

  • 无名 – I apologize for posting up w/o permission. but hey, please do remember this is my blog i have the total freedom to blog about anything I like. Furthermore, I didn’t say it’s not nice. Is just that my problem that me myself find it annoying. I don’t see there’s any problem. & I said, no offence. ohh, know where I stay, so what? lol. Annoying, you can not come to my blog. thanks!

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