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Hongdae, Seoul

Seoul, I came with no expectation since I’ve never been to Korea.
But even so, it has been nothing short of amazing.

I wish I could spend more time here.

I will be separating my travelogue into 4 different posts.
Kick start with HONGDAE, follow by Insadong, MyeongDong, & DongDaeMun.

Landed. Incheon International Airport.

We got our-self a cab straight to our hotel @ Hongdae.
A friend reminded us to get the Orange cab, apparently it’s cheaper.

Airport -> Hotel (Hongdae area), KRW 60,000.
1 (1)


Our crib for the next few nights – Benikea Premier Marigold Hotel (베니키아)

It’s 40mins away from the airport. Personally, I think it’s the perfect place to stay as it’s located in the heart of Hongdae, with shopping, dining & clubbing district just across the streets! The nearest subway station (Hongik Univ. Station) is just 6 mins walk away! How convenient!

If I were to come to Seoul again, this hotel will still be my pick!
1 (2)

Spacious room, comfy bed with squashy pillows, & a clean bathroom with bathtub!
I’ve zero complains! (oh, & the WiFi is superb!)

For about KRW130,000/per night for the 3 of us, it’s definitely a good deal!
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It was about 14ºC at night in Seoul.


Trench Coat – Zara
Camisole Heattech – Uniqlo
Ripped Jeans – Topshop
Leather Boots – Forever21
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Daytime temperature is around 20ºC – 24ºC.


Long Knit Wear – MANGO
Leather shorts – H&M

Karen got the hat from Hongdae, for only KRW 10,000. :D



Hongdae is known to be the popular hang out spots among the locals.

It is quite like Shi-Da in Taiwan, located near the Hongik Daehakgyo (Hongik University) which is one of the top fine arts universities in the country, which explains how it is popular for it’s artsy & young ambiance. This place is filled with unique cafes, fashion markets, gourmet restaurants, clubs & bars. & since everything here is mostly cater to students, the prices are quite affordable too.

Heard too much about this lovely district, can’t wait to explore!
1 (5)

Met up with our friend, Eric Lin, who’s bringing us out to explore this beautiful district!
1 (6)

1 (7)

The whole place is extremely crowded with students.
It’s FALL; long sweater, angora cardigan, knit sweater, oversized pullover, skinnies seen everywhere.

Super chic. Well again, it’s an university area.
1 (8)

Happiness is getting lost in the maze of fashion shops and  pretty cafes!
1 (13)

Besides shopping, there’s heaps of game stalls & local musicians performing by the streets.
Loving the vibe here!
1 (14)

&, The endless shopping streets!

One thing though, the average price for the clothes is around KRW 15,000 (which is around MYR55, thanks to our weak currency). However, the quality is good, definitely not those you find in Times Square.

Talking about shopping, Hongdae is home to the flagship store of StyleNanda (which we didn’t make it there, because there’s honestly too much shopping  you can find in this district!) Do visit if you’re keen as it’s just around the corner in Hongdae.
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#MustVisit in Hongdae, the ever famous Trick Eye Museum (트릭아이미술관 ).
It is an art gallery with paintings that give each 2D art piece the illusion of being in 3D. You can interact with this artwork & be part of the art. Oh yes, we are here to be tricked!

How to get there?
Address: 20, Hongik-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(Exit at Hongik University Station (Line 2), Exit 9 and walk straight and crossed the traffic light. Turn left and walk straight and turned into the alley with Holika Holika.)
Time: 09:00 – 21:00 (Last admission at 20:00)

It hard to miss with this striking attention catching signage.

Trick Eye Museum (+ Ice Museum) Admission
Adult : KRW 15,000
Children: KRW 12,000
**Senior citizens get 50% off!

I will be flooding the rest of this post with heaps of photos & a video. Well, I am trying my best to show you how mind blowing this place is. A gentle reminder to fully charged your camera before you visit the Trick Eye Museum.

The museum is separated into 6 different zones; Masterpiece Zone, Fantasy Zone, Water world, Best of Trickeye zone, Synchronized Swimming zone &, Carnival Street.

“Your imagination becomes a reality!”
I meditated for years, & I finally can float! Woohoo!
3 (2)

Got famous overnight because I can actually F L O A T, attended a gala & found my Mr.Gentleman.
3 (3)

A pretty lady appeared out of no where & lured me into temptations, convinced me that as long we go pass the sea I will find my true happiness. I was convinced, left Mr. Gentleman, & fled away together with her riding our white horses.

I was brought to a super chio candyland! It’s indeed a land of happiness.
I was overwhelmed with excitement, not knowing it’s actually a trap! Oops.

Truth is, she has always wanted to get together with Mr. Gentleman.
In order to get rid of me, I was then sent forcefully to fight with a monster.

Fortunately, I won.

However, she obviously didn’t want me to live.
Hence, I was killed & beheaded. T.T

I then went up to heaven, cycling through the clouds.


LOL. (apology if you are actually reading this… #iknowilame, forgive me).
Fun times always pass by quickly, hours seems like minutes inside the museum.

Next up, we headed over to the Ice Museum, which is located on the same floor of the main museum.

We weren’t expecting this and were severely under-dressed.
I have no idea how are we going to endure the less than 5ºC temp inside the freezer room.

Oh well, we tried our best, but lasted only a total of 10 minutes before we rush out of the museum. It’s uncomfortably cold! Do be prepared if you plan to visit the Ice Museum.

Twinkle twinkle Little Stars, how I wonder what you are.
Let me be the little star you wish upon every night. (:

Ahh. Piano made of ice. Beautiful.

Angel wings in the cold room.

I can no longer smile, because it’s freezing cold.
I risked my life for this shot! Haha.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it.

After we get out of the Ice Museum, we spotted this Go-Guan Photo Studio.
It’s a professional Hanbok photo studio.

I’ve been watching Korean dramas since young, & have always imagine myself to be in one of those beautiful traditional Korea costumes. So excited that I finally can fulfill my wish of wearing a Hanbok & have it captured by the professionals!

Before I continue, here’s the packages available for your reference:

I chose the Individual Enjoy Package (KRW 60,000)
Entitled for Hairdo, Make Up, 1 Dress, & 2 Pages Photo Album!

Spoil with choices. Deciding between the Court dress, Korean geisha, basic (cho-go-ri), & Korean wedding dress. Ended up with the Basic (cho-go-ri) dress.

Then, proceed to do my make up.
Attempting to look more like a Korean.

Make up done, it’s fitting time!
Shoooo excited!

The basic Cho-Go-Ri dress consists of Jeogori, a blouse shirt or a jacket and Chima, a wrap-around skirt, which is usually worn full.

Finish up with the traditional Korean hair-do.

Tadah, so pretty!
I mean the dress, make up & hairdo! Haha.

Inside the studio.

Heck, I don’t even know how to pose with the Hanbok.
Thank God, the photographer is so good in getting us to pose “professionally” for photo!

I am definitely not the most demure person, hanbok however made me more lady-like. Hehe.

I have to agree that trying out the traditional costumes can be one of the best way to experience Korean culture. This is one of the #MustDo when you travel to Seoul,  you shouldn’t miss it!

The printed photos are ready for collection in just 20mins time, meanwhile we are free to roam around, there’s a designated studio with beautiful setting for us to take photo on our own. Oh, we took tons of selfie too!

Last but not least, the Love Museum which is one step above the Trick Eye museum.
It’s about the same as Trick Eye Museum, but with sensuous and sexual theme!

Admission fees: KRW 8,000.

“It’s where all your sexual fantasy becomes a reality. The erotic images may stir you up.”

Don’t be surprise that you will soon discover the extremely non-conservativeness about this place.
I shouldn’t go on with words, attached is some of the more proper photos I took in Love Museum. *grinss


Oh, just me & my Opah at Seoul.

This ass is just too huge!
& it just couldn’t stop farting… HELP!

I took heaps of photo in Trick Eye Museum but certainly wouldn’t be able to upload it all on my blog! I hope above all is enough to convince you why this is definitely one of the best place to visit in Hongdae, Seoul!


Walked around, & had a real hard time deciding where to eat because all the restaurants in Hongdae look really good! Ended up at Oven Chicken & Beer, because Eric said it’s not bad. Haha.

To be fair, in Korea, you should never miss out this raging trend called chimaek (chicken and beer)!
1 (9)

Eric says no one really fancy Kentucky Fried Chicken in Korea, because their traditional fried chicken is good enough to die for. Paired it up with a glass of Hite beer, heavenly!

Original fried chicken, not extremely crunchy;
but still crispy & juicy in the inside. Yummy!
1 (10)

We also ordered the BBQ fried chicken, flavorsome!
But a little too sweet for my preference, I still prefer the original one.

The portion though… is very generous.
That night, we surely over-ordered! It’s a “little” too much for the 4 of us.
1 (11)

We had so much fun snacking, drinking & laughing that night!
Thank you, Eric, for the treat! On us when you’re back in M’sia next round! Heh!
1 (12)

There’s always space for D E S S E R T S.
We randomly stopped by this ice cream shop, Old Bridge Gelateria.
1 (16)

We stumbled upon this place by chance and I’m glad we did. It was really good!

& only realized that it’s one of the #MustEat ice cream in Rome later on.
Yes, the first Old Bridge Gelateria was born in Rome 25 years ago.
1 (18)

The best time for ice cream is alwaysssssss.
1 (19)

Stopped by the convenient store after that for this, banana milk.
Ern, not a big fans of this; it tasted almost the same like the one Adele got for me from Tokyo.
1 (20)

Oh, in case you wonder.
Here’s my awesome travel companion that needs no introduction.

My annoyingbff adele, & karenkho!
1 (21)

Beside Fried Chicken, Hongdae has really good BBQ too!

#BBQ 1

Our favorite BBQ restaurant (had this for continuously 2 nights). But I couldn’t remember the name =.=. It’s 3 mins walking distance from our hotel, & located right opposite GS25 convenient stall.

It opens till 5am daily. Perfect spot if you’re planning to chill with beers & meat till late.
We also love this place because it’s really cozy!

Hello, to two of my favorite ladies, my best travel companions thus far.
Thank you for making this trip awesome! appreciate it!
5 (1)

A lot of meat, with freeflow kimchi, lettuce & karen’s favorite garlic.

This place serves budget meat that’s super fresh, juicy & yummy! It’s perfect in all ways, whether it’s dipped in the CHEESE sauce, in a lettuce wrap, or on its own. Mad love.
5 (5)

We had grilled squid, Hite beer, flavored soju, & bottles of rice wine that night.
It was one of our happiest night at Seoul.

(p.s. blueberry soju is really good!)
5 (6)


I am sorry that I’m terribly bad with names. We just simply walked into this BBQ place. To be very honest, you cant really go wrong with BBQ in Seoul. Hence, it’s fine to just go to any that looks good to you.
5 (2)

This hot plate has an egg + veggie + cheese ring around it.
Unfortunately it’s not free flow.
5 (4)

One of the best feeling is to feed your stomach with warm food during the cold weather.
That feeling… is just incredibly good!
5 (3)

Next up, what’s for lunch at Hongdae?

We randomly stepped into this restaurant, Myth Jokbal; which apparently one of the most famous eateries in Hongdae. It’s usually packed with long queue, but we were there on 11am, hence no line. I can only say that our luck have been really good this trip.

Operation hours: 11:00AM – 4:00AM next day
2 (1)

The interior is colorful, with a lot of vibrant posters.
It makes me happy!
2 (2)

Like I said, Myth Jokbal was never in our itinerary, we came in by luck.
Therefore, we did not order the famous Real Garlic Jokbal. We didn’t know it’s the #mustorder.

We ended up ordering the Spicy Jokbal set (with 3 chilis sign by the side), lol.
2 (3)

It came with a pot of hot soup, which Karen & I were already complaining it’s a lil too spicy!
2 (4)

Hand mixed Maki.
2 (5)

Side Dishes.
2 (6)

Spicy Jokbal + Steam Egg + Maki + Fresh Salad. KRW 30,000.

Well, we over estimated our own capabilities, the spicy jokbal is extremely spicy! No joke. Though I really enjoy spicy food, this is just too hot to handle! If you want to try this, make sure you have enough bravery to do so, it brings you to near death. No, I am not exaggerating.

We ended up dipping it into hot water before eating it. T.T
2 (7)

Lesson learned, we should never take the 3 chilis sign so lightly. Haha.
2 (8)

These are some of the To-Do & To-Eat in Hongdae, do let me know if I missed out any!
I am sooo in love with Hongdae!

To be continue…


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  • Reminds me of my previous trip to Seoul. A very memorable one :) Plus, it’s the best season to travel to Korea so great you had fun!

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