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Arthur’s White Horse

Yesh, people, Arthur’s Day is coming again. & this is definitely something you would never want to missed, I shan’t wait anymore! Imma win passes through the “The Man of Action” to see Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, Colby O’Donis, Thaitanium, Pop Shuvit, DJ Fuzz, Melissa Indot, & MIZZNINA ! Woots!


Just, get creative! All you need to do is to create a video involving your favorite song and/or favorite artist. It could simply be a spoof of Beyonce, or a video of you doing the Wondergirls dance. Just, anything. Then, upload the video on YouTube, follow by posting the video link on Facebook with your name and email.

Okay… so yea, this is my entry.

Where my boyfriend cheats with the approval of mine. Lol.


So many crying scenes in this MV, but, FML, cause I seriously have no idea on how to cry. I ended up using almost half a bottle of my lens solution just to fake my tears. Lol. To make the effect better, i have got zero make up on when I shoot all those crying scene!!

Ori video, here.

So yea, the story is about a girl that believe in fairytale love story, living happily with her prince (with his white horse). They were very happy, till one day…


She found out that her so called prince is having an affair with another girl. This is when she woke up from all her dreams, devastated, but only then she realize how stupid and naïve she has been all these while. Because.. She is not his princess, and that ain’t a fairytale…..

Watch it here:

I remember it was raining when we tried to shoot the “cheating scene”, then, camera ran out of battery. All these make the 15s scene took up 3-4hours to shoot. I guess that’s the reason why all of us look so tired in that scene. But well, it’s a heart broken scene, we suppose to look like that, I guess? Just, I am glad we that we make it.

I will really like to thanks Kehui for that she sacrificed her sleeping time to shoot with me. Also thanks Adelechow for sparing me time, and bryan tan for waking up so early just to shoot a few scene for me. Nevertheless, shinyeee who had accompanied me to edit the whole video (the amount of video I took was crazy, nearly 200 videos -.-). Thanks, loves.

Last but not least, baby who has been very cooperative. Ah, of course, he did not cheat on me, that’s just for shooting purposes. Heh! Thanks, baby!!


Anyway, yea, that’s my submission for The Man of Action.

This is a 100% winning opportunity game!
It’s like, as long as you participate, you gonna win!

Because, every single quality (and related) entry wins passes to Arthur’s Day event! And, most creative entry wins grand prize (trip to Dublin to visit the St James Gate Brewery & Guinness Storehouse TBC). The grand prize winner will be announced at the Arthur’s Day event. More info on Facebook.

Other than The Man of Action, there’s also The Man of Vision contest. It is basically about deciphering how many Guinness elements can be found in a given image.

Do check it out, here.




  • i actually love the scene of you two love birds~ [1:10]

  • adele – yerrrrrr.

    miacco – heh! that’s my fav. part too! ^^

  • swwww. love your video <3
    sweet max max !

  • is it the place where you cry cry cry is it ke hui’s new room??

  • i like the video~ :D
    btw video cant really see your “tears” =p

  • freda – haha, i thought i supposed to be super sad!!!! heh! thank you!!

    shervaune – nah, it’s not. you very sesat d!! please go visit kehui, if you can!!!

    tracy – thank you !! yea lorrr, damm failed even though i put damm a lot of solution jor. T_T

  • haha i like the part where you guys camwhore. aww. sweet !

  • freda – haha! seems like everyone likes that! thank you! <3

  • i love da 1.10 sc scene as well !
    sweeet to da max!! :)

  • hahahaa.. chian wei really sesat. and i look so horrible in the video!! hahahahaha!! sher mann laugh until his pants almost drop off!!! *faint*

  • Hannah – aww. Thank you! :)

    Kehui – you’re always pretty la! Haha, got so funny meh? Ppl cry he laugh, terrible!

  • weee not bad weh , i think u will get it :)

  • how i know wor? seriously, it’s like so long since i last went to her house. sigh!

  • this video is super cute like you <3

  • Sue – really? thankiewww! :)
    Chianwei – **sighhhhhh
    Aud – aww, you very sweet! Thankiewwww! <3

  • Nice one Tziaa! Heh, using contact lens solution is good – it still looks very real. If I had to do a crying scene I’ll die coz it’s very hard for me to do. :)

  • It’s very nice Tzia! Even if you had to use contact lens solution it looks very real. Great work. :)

  • huaibin – thanks for your compliment. sad thing is, cannot even see the tears in this video! *tearsssssss

  • Wow. Amazing vid. You really know how to cry! :D
    Your cry ish so real it makes me wanna cry! )’:

  • awww thumbs up for the effort! :)

  • elle – haha. really?! thanks for your compliment!! heh! ^^

    vvens – thank you!! heh!

  • i love the ending part after u rejected to give him another chance..almost made me teared!

  • jo ann – aww, thanks, girl. :)

  • I praise the crying scene at the end. You acted so real on that part! Just like those had commented earlier, 1:10 is sweet.

  • Thank you! You are one of the few that think my crying scene is real. Heh, thank you!

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