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My Water Moments with TX5

Sony is such a sweet heart, not only did they let me do a review of the dainty world’s slimmest water-proof digital camera, Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX5, I was also invited to the “My Water Moments with TX5” held at Sunway Lagoon quite some time ago. It’s an event with all sorts of games aimed to let participants experience the highlighted features of the camera by themselves. They set up several stations to demonstrate these features.

With Audrey before the event started. As usual, I look like an huge ass giant beside this petite beauty! I squad down a lil, and hope I would look a lil smaller. But, failed, miserably.

I reached there pretty late because I woke up a lil late. So yea, I get to go in to the Mali Cove, Sunway Lagoon just awhile after I got my goodie bag from Jestina.

With Aud and Huaibin.

I wore my fav. yellow bikini under my white slipover. I didn’t plan to get myself wet, just, incase. So yea. However, huaibin came all prepared to get wet with his trunks.

Hey, is that David Hasselhoff? *cheekylaugh*

We were the typical puteri lilin that day, kept hiding under the roof.
still, the water was too tempting, & so, we walked out with Aud’s umbrella.

She’s like doreamon that day, she got some many things inside her not-so-big stitch bag.

Saw people throwing cameras at one of the stations just to prove that it’s shock proof!
ouch, it must be real pain. I pity those cameras!

*ouch ouch ouch!* triple ouch!
But after awhile, I don’t feel the pain anymore…

Hello, it’s shock-proof!!!! *craps, I totally forgot! Fml.
*taking back all the mercy* heh!

Then, I came across another station filled with ice cubes.
Freeze, not. It’s temperature-proof!

Like what I said, I wasn’t in the mood to get wet, so no underwater photo by me.
But, I soaked mine into the water.

The minute I soaked it in, Audrey was like.. “wah, so brave!”
water-proof marr, that’s why I not scared. *wink

Audrey also very brave, she dips her precious TX5 into a pool of tiny Styrofoam balls.
yes, camera is also dust-proof!

Also, there are pretty promoters posing around with the cameras.
I don’t have a close up of them, perhaps, huaibin will have one. *bigwidesmile

*spot huaibin right at the front there.


Also, there’s some sort of competition for people to win the camera and many other things.

One of the challenges is where the participants need to find a certain amount of camera from the Styrofoam pool, I mean; they will need to find ten of each colors of the camera in 20 seconds time, very kanjiong! &, it’s at the dust-proof station!

Then again, I see people throwing camera during the challenge! *heart pain again, OUCH!*
okay, and this time accuracy counts, as they will need to throw the camera right into the tiny hole of the cylinders! A very good way to demonstrate the shock proof function to all of us.

Then I saw a curious little girl actually threw a TX5 towards the cylinder after seeing what those participants did, and of course, it’s still functioning la, because it’s shock-proof. I was thinking what if she thinks all camera are shock-proof , haha!

There’s also an underwater pose station. This station was there mainly to demonstrate the camera’s water-proof feature. I did not go underwater to see how well the participants did, but, here’s one good one I grabbed from Huaibin’s blog.

Together with the boss, Timothy Tiah.
The awesome nuffies. ( I guess there’s smth that dragged tim’s concentration away eh?)

Last but not least, a photo of me and baby.
yes, he was there accompanied me for the whole day. you!

spent 123791764182647812 time editing this photo below! *brushing up my photoshop skills.*
nice or not?

All the beautiful photos above are taken using the Sony Cyber-shot TX5.
Thank you, Sony.



  • *throws camera onto the ground*

    opps, not shock proof.

  • dylan – throwing yours. haha!


  • freda – haha, why so sudden de?

  • cause you look super japanese with this hair colour and bangs :D

  • Intel must be so jealous!!!!! Can anyone Twitter underwater?

  • Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

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