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So, what’s your favourite shape?

& do you know these Arnott’s Shapes boxes make amazing shapes?

Yes, as a big fan of Shapes chip-crackers, I have been following their “ChampionShapes Inter-Campus Contest 2016”. Basically, participants will need to create an artistic shape (art piece) with 1,000 units of Arnott’s Shapes boxes on the “Contest Day” in 6 hours or less.

There’s a total of 8 teams.
& these two teams are my favourite!

#MSU Tinker Squad – Mosaic Art

Here’s how they describe their creation:
“It is more on Paradigm Shift fundamentals that show change in an individual’s view of how things work in the world. From South to North, we can say it is just a Bulb, but if we see it from North to South, it is actually a view from MSU stairs to U-Globe where our contest is held. That is why we put a “snack shape” and “S” alphabet. There are 7 Blinks around the Bulb. Although we have 10 in a group, we chose 7 because it means “togetherness”. We’ve a great sense of togetherness.

It’s our team’s spirit that has taken us to this contest. Nevertheless, Shapes has inspired us to think out of the box where the idea of having 7 shapes are created. It starts from a key that signifies our team striving with a KEY to open the knob. Followed with the HEART shape that shows the spirit of our hearts. The POINTER and ARROW is to achieve our target. The SWORD shows that we will brace and fight through challenges ahead of us until we reach up to the STAR at the highest level. We shine unto others and we will ROCK IT.”

It’s a full girls’ team, & they proved themselves strong by battling through strong wind and possibilities of rain shower to complete their masterpiece.

#Taylor’s Tribe- Baked “BOMBSHELL

“This pop-art masterpiece depicts a sassy “bombshell”, created according to the SHAPE of our site, and with SHAPES bringing it to life. As SHAPES is a trendy snack, it is perfect for her as she resembles the youth of today, and the culture of Taylor’s University”

Be amazed. These guys are actually high flyers architecture students, & they apparently stayed overnight in the uni just to give the best for this! I especially love how they end in with love in the eye. <3

The amount of effort invested in this is crazy!
Come on, let’s show your fav. team some love, go to and cast a vote for them.

Voting period starts from now until 18th Dec 2016.



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