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it was our sem-break gathering again.
met up with the bunch at KLCC, and while waiting for everyone to reach, we stopped by at Godiva Chocoiste.

Everyone has been telling me that Godiva Chocoistes chocolate are superb. Bought this Dark chocolate Raspberries (rm27). i only realized that it’s a dark chocolate after paying, i never like dark chocolate that goes with fruits (e.g. raspberries) because i think it had takes away the natural fav. of the fruits itself. equally, i did not like this much, i actually prefer the one from Cadbury much much more (& it’s so much cheaper). :/

talking bout chocolate, i never like chilled chocolates too, i prefer it when it’s melted a little because it will be real creamy in your mouth, and when it slides down…. ahh, awesome!

chocolate is deffos my fav. guilty pleasure!


they said i slimmed down. **bigwidesmile

the thing is…. i actually picked up the habit of having supper every night before i sleep lately, thanks to Baby. FML. & yea, the amount of food i consumed these days is easily 3x the amount i used to have. so it’s pretty much a good news to me, that  i did not gained any weight and look as if i had lose some! awesome!

had Nando‘s for lunch. it has been so long since i had Nando’s!
ordered hot 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines.

heavenly, as usual!
oh great, my Nando’s addiction is back!


we spent around 2 hours at Nando’s updating each others with our latest stories. i hearts splendid moments like this and time usually passed unacceptably fast during these time. :(

these are my awesome ex-classmates.
from left : Leanne, Ruby (maggie’s sis), Maggie, yours truly, Ian, & Rubber.


Maggie is a attest sweet-stuff lover just like me.
went Marks and Spencer and bought of crazily chio sweet-stuff.

– piggy biscuit – rm15
– percy pig and pals gummies – rm7 (non halal, -.-, somehow)
– mini milk choc all butter biscuit – rm10
– belgium white and milk chocolate coated summer fruits – rm15 (this is my fav. among all, it’s damm yummy! )


most of my make up “gadgets” are sponsored, and now it’s all running out. I have to restock it using my own cash. FML, i never know make up products can eat up so much money!

– Benefits The Porefessional – rm12o
– Benefits High Beam – rm102

used it twice already, i will call myself a satisfied customer of Benefits. (it would be better if it’s cheaper though)


my previous eyeliner went M.I.A.

Ruby suggested me to get the one from Loreal. i rate it 5/10 as it smudged pretty fast, good thing is the color is real vivid!


later at night, followed baby for a birthday celebration for his grandmother!


she’s by far the most open minded popo i ever seen!

happy birthday, popo!
may you stay healthy and happy always!



that’s all for now.


  • =) big wide smile *

  • I used MAC pencil eyeliner all these while. It’s very dark,waterproof and smudge proof! The price is around RM60, last more than 6 months to me and I shared it with my roommate. We used the eyeliner like 5 times a week. Super worth it! ;)

  • fred – <3

    veron foon – really??! i should i try it then, thanks for suggesting!! ^^

  • you are like one family with your bf family dy :)
    hee, stay sweetttt !!

    and the pig biscuit mad chiooo <3

  • May I know the porefessional from Benefit is it good? and will my pores get clog if I use it for long wearing?

  • mandy – it’s really not bad! & so far for me, no prob! ^^

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