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my wardrobe is fulled, again!

it’s time for me to do some clearing up! i had it cleared up months back by selling out all of it online. & now, i thought of selling all my very gorgeous and most of it new clothes through my usual tziaaa-closet.

but, this time, i had count of my “FOR SELL” clothes, the grand total came out to be 50++. FML, even with the help of a mannequin, it gonna take up a month or more taking photos, editing…. etc.

& thanks to my sweetheart, adelechow, i found a easier and faster way to manage this bunch of  “FOR SELL” clothes.

even this pretty grey dress is in my “FOR SELL” list,

**actually very mm seh tak to sell, but i know it has reach it “exposure limit”. err, yea -.-
ori price rm69.90, selling rm39 (purfffeeecccttt condition, wore only 2-3 times). anyone?

if yes, visit me at Taylor’s Media Carnival!

i am setting up a booth at TAYLOR’S MEDIA CARNIVAL!


When? 29th October, 2010 (Friday)

Where? Taylor’s Lakeside Campus

What time? 8.30am – 3pm

i will also be bringing in Stylo-Lilo clothes together with my partner Grace! *winkkkk

Besides that,there will also be booth selling FOOD AND BEVERAGES, blogshops which sell clothes, bags, shoes and accessories;  also, unique photobooth with models wearing funky costumes for you to take picture with. So what are you waiting for?

GRAB YOUR COUPONS ASAP: only RM10 per booklets!

“Get 3 coupons, and you are entitled to get a goodie bag that consist of Seventeen/Female magazine, Sara Lee products, Kaspersky and Bioterm goods too!”

you can contact Adele @ adele.chow@hotmail.com for purchasing purpose, or spot them selling coupon with their kinky head gears every Tuesday at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus!!

yes, this bunch of awesome peepos!



  • hey tzia i have sent an email to you asking about the twitter thing, pls do check it yea! Can I know what’s the carnival about? Like a bazaar? Thanks!

  • passed by..nice blog,gambateh!

  • i want buy your Forever 21 that white dress but so unlucky had been sold out :(

  • hello^^
    nice dress!!!
    i am interested.
    can i reserve?!

  • lizzy – replied! yesh, it’s like a bazaar sort of thing! come come!

    apple – thankyou, do come again. :)

    niyen – awww. that was sold quite long ago :(

    renee – haha, come and you might end up choosing something else! ^^

  • hey tziaaa! im ur loyal reader and yes i finally waited til that dress for sale. remember i messaged u once whether u wanna sell that?
    anyway can i do online purchase with u as i am now in uk, only goin back malaysia in december. but i will bank in and give u a malaysia address is it ok

  • anon – yes, hunney, of course i remem ber you. but girl, you see there’s already a few that booked that dress. but like i said, i will put it till the carnival day. hope you und yea! <3

  • tziaaaaaa, pls. i’ve been waiting really long and its really an awesome dress. hope u think twice bout selling it to me plsss.

  • anon – i am sorry girl. i really couldn’t promise you anything this time :(

  • hey hun, was wondering if there’s still any booth left in the carnival? I would like to join too – have too many for sell just like you!

  • Jasmine – I don’t think so :( cause I registered quite long ago eh.

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