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HLT & ♥

i know i have been blog-slacking for way too long, but, i am really tied up to too many things lately and the to-do-list is still miles long. I have been so busy that I almost forgot to BREATH! but at least, one had just ended, my finals. sad thing is, i think i had just screwed it THANKS to my constant shitty cant-be-bothered mood. bad…

anyhow, i think i should really stop whinging, and make a proper update before you people quit reading my blog.  T____T so yea, here goes an update of some of the thing i have been doing lately…


11.12.10 – 12.12.10
attended HLT training at Awana, Genting with bunch of successful young peepos!


shh.. **learning in process, please do not disturb mode**
& when night falls…

we girls did what we love most. dolled up, professionally.
went blazer hunting with my darling, adelechow a day before it, and ended up with this MNG blazer.

love it much, as it fits me real well.


finally, the ass-less me looks like i have one now. haha.


my sweetheart roommate, shinyeee.
double kills!


had some girls-only-moment in the room, tuning to our fav. song and tweeted our fav. lyrics.
Bruno Mars’  Grenade still stuck in my mind till now, and now, everytime it’s played, it reminds me of this 2 sweetheart of mine.

“i would go through all these pain, take a bullet straight through my brain…”


awesome threesome power-puff girls.
so now, who’s who’s blossom? who’s buttercup? and who’s bubbles?



went up to Genting, it was so misty that night.

taylor’s  MINE was played..
“you are the best thing that’s ever been mine..”

when you hug me in your arm when we were strolling around for the almost winter-like freezing cold breeze… it’s


&, on the next morning, we overslept. FOL, we were terribly late…

*scrolling down, looking for photos..*
okay, no photos, i seriously have no idea on how to elaborate now.. FML.

one thing is, we were all terribly exhausted after it, but no doubt, we learned a lot and had heaps of fun.
& that’s all bout HLT, i think…

now that i can see you,
i don’t think you’re worth a second glance..”


happy birthday, my amazing superMAMA!

i am sorry mom for not being able to prioritize things, and also because of my terribly poor time management, i had always upset you. & i know, most of the time i had take you for granted. i am sorry for not being a good daughter, i am ashamed of that.

i know i have been busy these days, and there’s why an Ipod touch as a gift for you, hoping that it could helps to keep you occupied when we are too busy. i know that isn’t what you really want, but give me some time, i will strive to be independent and to give you all a better life.

mama, i love you.
happy birthday, ma!



  • the very 1st time see you in so formal look :D
    looks great! :)

    all the best & gud luck with your finals.

    card to your mama, nice 1 :)

  • tracy – haha, yea, the first time me wearing a blazer. heh! finals is over, just it’s tough. thankiew!!! <3

  • Enjoy holidays den :):) <3

  • The dress look nice ar =) Long time never “hear” from you. All the best!

  • glad to c tat ur updating ur blog…nice blazer n nice card…njoy ur holidays…an early xmas wishes n happi new year

  • I love your first pic :)
    The balzer looks nice on youuuu ! Hee
    The card mad chiooo !

    And I am still one of your loyal reader!

  • tracy – aite!! <3

    tianchad - thankiew! haha, yea, it has been "awhile". ngek!

    joey - glad that you drop by. ^^ thank you!!!

    freda - thankss sweetheart! you are still as sweet!! <3

  • had been awaiting your update for some time =) that’s a very nice blazer!

  • u r so cute..really love to read ur post

  • Nice homemade card! (Y) May I ask what did you use to make the word “mummy” pop out in this: http://tziaaa.com/2010/05/11/precious-♥/ ?

  • I love it!
    First there was one, then there were 2 girlies, then there were three girlies in the mirror! lmao!
    so cute ladies <3

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