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Niro Granite Tiles Selection

“Girl, you’re so blessed. Your family is so loving.”
I get that very often, & I am indeed very grateful for my family.

One of the greatest gifts I ever got from God; I call them – MY FAMILY.”

I am thankful for everything they gave me, the love, soul & time.
& very thankful that whenever my heart goes weary, I can go home & get recharge.

Unarguably, I am definitely not the best daughter they could have. My parents needed to sacrifice so much of their happiness all these years, just to paint smile on my face.

Hence, as I grow up, I promise myself that no matter how long it’s going to take, I will do anything & everything do repay what both of them have done for me. Guess that explained why I have always strive so hard to try to give the best to them.

The other day when I went to Penang for a road trip, I was very amazed that how tiles can play such vital role in beautifying the whole place. Then I figured out, I might be able to do a something different for my family & my home. Yes, I am thinking to renovate my house (more like to change all the tiles of the house) that I’ve been staying in since I am a kid.

But to be honest, I knew nothing about tiles.

After a few rounds of research, & along with a friend’s recommendation, I found Niro Granite. They are known for providing the best tiles in the world. Niro Granite carries Swiss heritage since 1979 and its price is competitive as compare to other European brand.

Knowing my parents, they would definitely want something that’s beautiful &, functional! Niro Granite’s porcelain tiles will be a perfect fit, as these beautiful tiles when installed properly, they could probably last forever because they are virtually impossible to scratch.

There’s a few things for me to consider while choosing the tiles, such as the surface, sizes, shades & color of the tiles. However, before that I will need to identify where to use the tiles.

I would love to start changing the tiles in all the common areas in my house to improve the livability & overall aesthetic. These area includes the living room, bathroom & kitchen. Here are the tiles I have chosen to fit the different usage of these areas.

#1 Living room:
My dad has been complaining my living room is being a little too dull & confined. & this is where the tiles are going to make a different, choosing the right tiles is especially important if your goal is to make the whole space looks more vibrant & spacious. The polished surface tiles gives the interior an elegant and rich effect.

With that, I opted for the polished finish of Travertine Marble – GTX07 Bruno, as it makes a wonderful accomplice to modern architecture as interior flooring. Smooth & shiny tiles brightens up the whole living room, and fool the eye into believing the space is larger than it actually is.

#2 Bathroom:
For the safety of my parents, I will need an anti-slip surface tile. Hence, I will need a tiles that’s higher in slip resistance. Matt surface will be a decent one, due to its’ high resistance & durability.

I chose the matt surface Nikto – GNT05 Stannite tiles. These tiles are chic & modern, equipped with the anti-slip features that make them a perfect fit for my bathroom. These tiles could prevent my parents from falling in the bathroom, without compensating the aesthetic of the area. These beautiful cool grey tiles crossed with rust colored shadow is absolutely stunning.

At the same time, I purposely choose a darker colored tiles for my bathroom flooring as it helps to hide defects & dirt, this will definitely minimize the effort of my mom cleaning the bathroom.
TBH, I found my inspiration online.

These bathroom floors are insanely pretty! I want a functional bathroom like these!
114 115

#3 Kitchen:
I am opting for the structured/textured tiles for this area. It is pleasant looking & slip resistance. The slip resistance feature is crucial for my house, as a typical Asian’s home, most time is spent in the wet kitchen.

Hence, the textured Brooklyn – GBN01 Silver Birch became the best choice. The high definition printing of these tiles makes it highly sophisticated, while being durable & require minimal maintenance. Most importantly its’ textured surface ensure that the oiled & grease filled kitchen is safe & less slippery.

I am definitely not a pro in tiles, but Niro Granite makes my life so much easier with their website ( which is equipped with tips & ideas on what tiles to choose for selected area.

Choosing the right tiles does not only enhance the aesthetic value of your house; more importantly, it is for the safety of the people that is living in there. Like how our parents child-proof everything when we are younger, it should be our responsibility now to take care of them – first starting from these minutes details. They might not say it, but I am sure that they will be happy inside to know that their kids really do care for them.

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