2011 yo!

just got back from Sabah, was awesome, but i should leave that one for the next time, and first update my new year post. i know i am terribly late for this new year post. but late, is better than never, no?

so, about 2010… i am not going to recap what happened on 2010 this time, probably because i am still afraid to accept the fact that i have been living in my denial state all the while, was even called a certified romanticist, as i am exceptionally dreamy and unrealistic. when i was 18, they said i am still young enough to be naive and to be forgiven. but hello, i am turning 20 this year.

thanks God, i woke up during the end of 2010. i woke up realizing my previous definition for LIFESTYLE is so terribly wrong. screw that! I gave up living in my own comfort zone, and i am now out experiencing something extraordinary. Now that i had set my dreams and goals clear, knowing my priority, and identified my WHYs, i know success isn’t far anymore. we knew that actions speaks louder than words, but today i learned that without results, action is nothing.

I want to live an extraordinarily lifestyle, for that, i know sacrifices are needed. Not easy, but i am determined. Nothing comes easy in life, also we know that things that come easy aren’t worthy, yes? (:

2011, i gonna make it real big. 


my favorite girls in 2010.
adelechow and ameliaang.

they taught me to be thankful, and appreciate whatever we have in life.
time don’t wait. opportunity doesn’t knocked twice.

thank you, adelechow, for being so supportive all these while.
thank you, ameliaang, you dont know how inspiring you have been all these while.

i hearts you both heaps!


new year eve at Starbucks with the bunch.


Adelechow is love.

she’s is the one that i can never had my emotions hide in front of her.


& also the one that tell me things that i don’t want to tell myself.


She accepted me for who i am, and guided me to be who i should.

i am grateful to have you!

detective conan waichun, kononya!
but he really does look like it, as in physically! heh!
i can haz big black full framed glasses too yo! *winkkkkk


Then we off to Redbox for new year eve celebration.
2010, none of us fancy clubs anymore.

okay, maybe we are just too old for those. turning 20 this year, no more TEEN.


OR  maybe, it’s signs of maturity! *denialstate*

so yea, sang our lungs out that night!


The teens in our group, matt and thye!
hello, sevenTEEN years old BOY! ngek!


Amelia joined us later.
She is one of the best thing that happened in my 2010.


baby was there with us too.
he is my addiction!

&, my best definition for love.


“忘了是怎麼開始 也許就是對你一種感覺
忽然間發現自己 已深深愛上你 真的很簡單”


life starts after twelve.

drinking session.
two heinekin towers, sex on the beach, long island… etc.


beers kill!


drinking games.
i am never good in it, gosh!


losers DRINK!


Kissed goodbye 2010!
2011 will be better, definitely.



started off my 2011 with a good brunch. food is love!
baby brought me to my fav. japanese cafe, KISSATEN, at IOI boulevard.

have been craving for it for quite some time, finally! heh!
love the ambiance max!


baby flipping through menu.
we ordered so much…. couldn’t help it, everything seems to be real delicious!

Soda Honey Lemon.


Tsukune Teriyaki With Eggyolk Sauce (RM 8.90).
SUPERB! it’s actually satay look alike minced pork served with eggyolk and teriyaki sauce.

i just couldn’t have enough of it! omnomsnomsnoms!

baby’s ramen. (RM18.90)
he is always a fans of ramen…


& my all time fav.Teriyaki Pork Burger (RM 8.90), the reason that keeps me going back!
i never like pork, but this is an exception!

the portion is massive! overwhelming teriyaki sauce on top of the think juicy pork patty, comes together with vege, fried eggs with runny yolks and soft buns is deffos irresistable!

ahhh! orgasmic!


D-G-57&58, Blk D, IOI Boulevard,
47170 Puchong.

Tel: 03-8070 6307

that’s all for now.

happy 2011, peepos!



  • hye u r so nice

  • Finally you’re back!

  • <3 your contact lens! :)

  • Can’t wait! Update more!!!♡ :D

  • you dont’t update like you use to….huhuhu

  • comel – thx. (:

    desa – i’m back! heh!

    copykate – it’s super nudy! thanks, babe!

    cherish – updated!!

    amat – i am trying my best. T___T

  • Finally an update from u~ =) u looked great! and yeah, 2011 definitely will be a great year!! =D

  • myee – thanks so much for supporting! :p yes, 2011 will be a bomb!! ^^

  • Wish u good luck in the year 2011 …^^

  • hello..may i know what brand of lense u’r using? its really beautiful^^

  • becool – thank you!!! ^^

    passerby – it’s geo super nudy! thankiew! (:

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