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finally, i manage to squeeze out some time for my blog.
let’s start off with this long dragged Sabah post.

sabah. only stayed there for a night.
no seafood, no beach.


we get out hair washed at an antique looking saloon at 1 borneo mall right after we reached.

Liquor at night.
enjoyed the music and the accompaniments, but not the drinks.

just, it wasn’t a right night to drink.

next morning, woke up, then start dolling up.
applied eyeliner, and they said I look like a cat.

meowwwww. -,-

the boyfriend didn’t like it too.
ugh. i guess i shall just stick to my super basic make up.


we were there for this.
we are all pathing our way to success, never easy, but we’re all determined.

afterall, 2011 is all about winning.


after that, we went dinner before we fly back to KL.
oh, no seafood, but, we had our stomach stuffed with whole lots of sushi. instead *winkkkk


I am diagnosed with CPS syndrome, simply means Cant Remember Shit Syndrome. I cannot recall exactly what I’ve done during the Sabah trip, so please forgive me with the brief update. to make things worst, i did not take much photo during the trip. just bare with me, no next time. I promise I’ll be good, no more delayed updates, alright? *bigwateryeyes.



  • Waiting for your posts! Haven’t read from you long.

  • Love you sweetiiee

  • next time come sabah tell me…i can bring u go walk walk

  • wait for your update ya! ;)

  • Waiting your update, get well soon ya =)

  • aww but you look really cute with your cat eyeliner. ;)

  • biopolymath – updated!!

    joejoe – sure! thank you in advance! ;p

    niccc – updated, but just a brief one though.

    yivon – thank you, girl! (:

    jillian – aww, thank you! ^^

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