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Genting ’13

It has been a busy week.
& now i finally had some time to sit down to blog.

so many back-dated posts.
but i am tad determine to blog because, i just somehow realize the importance locking up all these memories.

well, I should start with this, one of those day during CNY at Genting.

outfit of the day.

BIG comfy sweater wear // Uniqlo
pink leggings // Sg.Wang

on our way… ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌

I have this love-hate relationship with Genting.
flooded by so many memories.

oh well. time flies, people change.
accept it, & move on.

*forgive my narcissism* :p

hello 财神爷!

trip buddies of the day!

HELLO, themepark!
I am such a kid at heart. *i gotta admit that*

themepark, candies, soft toys made me happy. (ᵔᴥᵔ)

my all-time-favorite ride, the flying swing. ♥‿♥

weather was really good that day.
erm wait, not so i guess, it was drizzling.

it’s just me loving the cold.

I never like fearful rides like roller coaster and all, i am the most boring person ever that love rides like marry-go-round.

but, there’s one that i like, FLUME RIDE.

It ascends to the peak very very slowly, adele & I were so jacoon, we thought it got malfunction and we were screaming for help.

(¬_¬) thanks la.

The next thing is, it slides down so fast that we really screamed our lung out. it’s crazy.
& when the boat is being plunged into the water, we got all W-E-T.

The brilliant us ignored the signboard. (¬_¬)

& got all wet.

now, this is the true definition of 落汤鸡!

it’s already freezing cold, what’s more when we are all wet.
we immediately lost the mood.

rushed to cotton on, get changed with new clothes.
yes, that conclude of theme park trip. \(ಠ ὡ ಠ )/

next up, dinner at 豪客壽喜燒, HAO KE, puchong.
it’s only about rm30++ per person, buffet style.

the always hungry people.

photo first. hahah.

sauces & seasonings.

i guess i was too hungry, i actually missed out all the photos of the fresh meat slices, seafood, and many many others. =.=

all i got in my camera is this, but you can check it out at HAO KE.

OH, they have LIVE bbq too.

it was overall satisfying!
& by that, we called it a day.

that’s all for now, bye!
till then!

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