my #annoyingbff said “YES”.

About a month ago, my #annoyingbff’s boyfriend – Lex (an inspirational barber) called me over when he’s cutting SY’s hair. While he was still cutting SY’s hair, he told me, “I have something to announce.. *drum roll* I, am going to, propose to Adele.”

“Are you serious, are you serious, are you serious?!”
Oh yes, I asked the same question for 3 times, as I was left in disbelief & overwhelmed with excitement (while he continue to cuts SY’s hair)!

“YES, I AM.” He finally stop cutting hair, look at me, & answered with a serious tone.

I was jumping around, and non stop OMG-ing.
To the point that both Lex & SY have to calm me down, & tell me to chill.

I didn’t know how to chill because my #annoyingbff is getting propose.
& since she’s like a sister to me, she’s my first “family” to get engaged!

I have seen her being with a few dudes before she met Lex; Also, how she obeyed to her promises to God, how she guarded her heart & struggled emotionally before she got together with Lex. It’s true that God always knows what is best for us and always has perfect timing! The plans God has for His children are good plans – to help us, not hurt us. Lex appeared and proved to Adele that God’s promises are real. (:

I knew (everyone does) that LEX is the one for her the moment they started dating, and have been rooting for him since day one. Anyone that asked me about Lex & Adele, I would say, “they are meant for each other, Adele 可以嫁了。” I have been saying that more than a hundred times, yet I still had a nervous breakdown when Lex told me he’s going to propose to Adele. Ahhhhh…..

It took me days to calm down, and accepted the fact that IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!
Then Lex, called & told me, “It’s time to plan for the proposal.”

We started planning from guest list, proposal speech, location, decoration, etc.

Through out the whole planning, Lex literally made Adele, & all her friends the priority for the whole proposal. He is that kind of guy who puts Adele & everything that matters to her above everything. He loves people that matters to Adele as much Adele does. Lex is truly the guy that every girl wants her best friend to marry. With Lex, I will never need to worry about how to fit in, when they are engaged or even married.

&, this was the plan.

Fast forward to that day…

All the 50 guests arrived. And all of us had the same thing in mind…
“Finally… it’s so hard to hide things for Adele. We will be freed from the struggles after today. Haha!”

Fast forward to the moment….

Lex kneeled down, and asked Adele to spend the rest of her life with him.
She said, Y E S. and he puts the ring on her finger.

My eyes were wet the moment she said Y E S, I couldn’t be any happier.

Dear #AnnoyingBFF, my best friend, my sister, & the favourite person of my life! Did you know I already started imagining you with the diamond ring that we’ve been talking about all day the very day when Lex told me that he’s going to propose? I can already imagine the beautiful smile on your face. Hand touching my heart, I am extremely happy for you for you and Lex (your amazing soon-to-be husband, haha.) You both are moulded by God especially for each other.

I am so glad that you found Lex, the one who filled in that missing pieces of your life &, completed it. In all honesty, it would be a mission impossible to find anyone better for you than him. I see how you talk about the similar visions of you both, and how excited & ready you are to move on to the next stage of life with him. & also the overwhelming joy that flows out from the inside of you whenever you are with him, or when you told me how good he is (even after you argued with him); I knew, I knew.. he’s definitely the one for you!

The moment you said, you do, you both became ONE! I am so excited to see you both embark on the next season on your life! I pray for blessing to continue to pour upon both of you. & that while awaiting & preparing for your wedding, you both will stronger in terms of love & respect for one another.

AHH, I can’t wait for the magical fairytale moment, to see you in that beautiful white gown, and walk the aisle with a church full of people. I am waiting to see Lex tears when your dad hands you to him.
(can you see I am actually imagining the big day already? I should stop here. haha.)

Dear Adele, I love you.

May your upcoming wedding planning be p e a c e f u l & smooth sailing.
If you need anything I am a call away!

&.. even when you’re married, I, we (SY & I) will continue to annoy you. HEHE.
Lastly… Congratulations again! :D

Loves. Till then.


  • 我也有过博客,不过那都是很多年前的事情了!

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