short weekend getaway @ Avillion, PD

This post has been in my draft since days ago.
I got so busy with my life that I barely have time to even breathe. ohhh gosh. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 it's 2am now, & I finally have time to complete this. So, it was about a month ago, I had a short getaway trip with le girlfriends at Avillion, Port Dickson ❤. There, because it was planned last minute, and it’s merely an hour drive away from home.

& most importantly, it’s away from city.
we all need a good rest, a peace of mind after all.

the place we stayed.
the garden chalet. a pretty decent one, spacious and cosy. o (◡‿◡✿)

we girls especially love the bathroom.

adele, sher, tiff & wanyee went earlier. i followed jiashin car, started the journey only around 6pm because she has to work. we decided to surprise adele, since it was a few days till her birthday that time. bought her a cake, wanted to give her a surprise ❤.

but as usual, i failed, miserably.

i called sher to tell her about it, and she was on LOUD SPEAKER. (;¬_¬)
& adele overheard everything. *smackforehead*

but well, she cooperated so well, acting all surprise. haha.
anyhow, i am glad that at least she is surprised happy.

thank you, for being the best friend of mine.
thank you, for loving me so sincerely all these while.

i love you! (●´∀`)ノ♡

all-girls-night with the pretty chicas! xoxo. ❤

a night like this will not be complete without good music & alcohol.
self-made tequila shots & wine before we head out for night swim.

this is the food supply we have for our 2 days trip.

girls. leg dipping.
i have no idea what ’em girls were doing because this was before jiashin & I reached. lol.

got a lil tad tipsy.
got changed & it’s time for night swim. woohoo! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

if you noticed…
we carried along the whole bottle of red wine with us into the pool.

it was a good night after all. with, good music, wine & the awesome companions. we were really in a complete relax mode, enjoying the tipsy late night swim. just laying on the pool, enjoying the pool water kissing our body. ❤

next morning.

with lots of #selfie.
& that explained the make up. haha. girls being girls.


colorful sheer top (h&m) x purple bikini (h&m)

good morning, sunshine! ❤

le girlies, all ready to have some fun!

this is what i wish I could wake up to, every morning.
it’s so calm, so peaceful.

if only i completed my degree in chinese studies, i will be able to write some poems or so.
but now, all i could do is stare blank at it, stone. (what a way to rest my mind) (¬、¬)

&, the beach. ❤

i was acting all hero saying that i wouldn’t need sun block.
of course, i am aware about the importance of it, but i just didnt like it. i always have the idea that sunblock will make my skin feel all tight and clammy. to me, it’s really gross.

but the sun it’s killing me, the scorching heat is becoming too much to take.
i surrendered. applied sunblock. well. (ノ#-_-)ノ

& this is funny.

we look like… “summer is here, enjoying the sun, loving the warm!
but truth is.. “oh my, it’s so frigging hot, faster, i need to go to the shades.

lol. we ran towards the shades immediately after this shot.

found our own comfort spot.

a real candid by jiashin.
i think i was almost asleep that time.

the sun no doubt has no mercy, but it’s really windy. so it’s still quite comfortable for a short nap.

the beach was just so-so, just didn’t feel very much like a beach. forget about white sands & crystal clear sea water. i didnt set high expectations, hence not much of a disappointment. I kinda expected it to be so, just that it turns out cleaner.

a group shot before we head to the pool.

One thing, the pool is really nice.

My favorite, to soak in a jacuzzi pool.
chilling, & relaxing.

i am missing this already.
hot sun w/ ice cold dip with the girlies. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

we spent our whole afternoon in the pool before we checked out.

Avillion turns out to be an ideal spot for people like us who are short on time but looking for an escape. it was a really short trip, but definitely a good one. ❤

the next outing for us girls will probably be the europe trip next year as wanyee, sher, & tiff will no longer be around. i am really looking forward for it!

ending this post w/ a super pattern photo of mine. haha. (¬‿¬)

that’s all for now.

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